Get Involved

There are many ways you can contribute to the Networking Subcommittee! Read the Tasks below and consider what your role might be - hosting a coffee roundtable, helping fundraise, post to social media sites, etc.

Interested in becoming involved in the Networking Subcommittee? Contact the WAMFT Secretary:

Tasks of the Networking Subcommittee

The Networking Subcommittee is assigned to complete multiple tasks:

  1. Work within an annual budget that is provided and approved by the WAMFT Leadership Committee.
  2. Identify and secure funding sources through grant writing, fundraising, and/or other methods.
  3. Put a call out for volunteers for the committee.
  4. Plan networking events for members
    • Students / Site Supervisors
    • Pre-Clinical Fellows / Clinical Fellows providing supervision
    • Young Professionals / Mentors
    • Student mixers between graduate programs
    • Roundtable events in key geographic regions
    • Track outcomes and provide information back to the Leadership Committee regarding attendance numbers
    • Collect post-event feedback from attendees via online surveys or other methods of communication to gauge success.
    • Identify strategic connections between membership groups to strengthen cohesion among Wisconsin MFTs. ¬†Examples may include:
    • Provide venue options for every in-person event
    • Provide measurable recruitment and retentions goals to WAMFT Leadership Committee for every event
  5. Manage/Monitor WAMFT website and hosted online forums.
  6. Manage WAMFT social media presence.
    • Post relevant content at a minimum of once a week to all social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to add value to all membership categories
    • In consultation with the WAMFT Leadership Committee, respond to inquiries garnered through these platforms
  7. Coordinate with the Advocacy Subcommittee to reach out to membership regarding legislative issues affecting Marriage and Family Therapists in the state and nationally.
    • Post relevant information (as provided by the Advocacy Subcommittee) to social media platforms
    • Contact membership through email and social media regarding legislative calls-to-action
  8. Coordinate with the Educational Subcommittee to reach out to membership regarding educational opportunities offered by WAMFT.
    • Post relevant information (as provided by the Educational Subcommittee) to social media platforms.
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