Get Involved

There are many ways you can become involved with the Advocacy Subcommittee! Read the Tasks below and think about where your skills and interests fit into the list, such as helping support legislation through letter writing and phone calls, attending board meetings of the MFT section at DSPS, speaking at the capitol, and much more!

Interested in becoming involved in the Advocacy Subcommittee? Contact the WAMFT Chair:

Tasks of the Advocacy Subcommittee

The Advocacy Subcommittee is assigned to complete multiple tasks:

  1. Work within an annual budget that is provided and approved by the WAMFT Leadership Committee.
  2. Put out a call for committee volunteers.
  3. Through lobbying efforts, develop and present legislative packages at the state level designed to strengthen the practice of Marriage and Family Therapy, including increased funding for services, increased access to provide services in broader community locations, etc.
  4. Dialogue with the Wisconsin Council on Mental Health to advocate for legislative positions that benefit the practice of mental health treatment as a whole in the state of Wisconsin, and which are aligned with AAMFT’s mission.
  5. Dialogue with MPSW Joint Board to advocate for rules that benefit the practice of Marriage and Family Therapy.
  6. Collaborate with AAMFT Family TEAM to help advance AAMFT’s federal and state legislative agendas (e.g., inclusion in Medicare, license portability).
  7. Coordinate with the Networking Subcommittee to reach out to membership regarding legislative issues affecting Marriage and Family Therapists in the state and nationally.
    • Create and provide relevant content monthly to the Networking Subcommittee to post on social media platforms
    • Create and provide calls-to-action to the Networking Subcommittee to post on social media platforms and to send via email blasts, when needed.