Education Subcommittee


The Education Subcommittee, serving WAMFT, is committed to creating relevant educational opportunities for clinical, pre-clinical, student, affiliate, and allied mental health members. This subcommittee is voluntary and those participating in it are allowed to come and go freely, with notice given to the current Chair of WAMFT via the current chair of the Educational Subcommittee. Members of this subcommittee maintain professional boundaries when dealing with information associated with their involvement in WAMFT. This subcommittee accomplishes its mission by:

  1. Educating membership through webinars, workshops, seminars, and conferences
  2. Providing valuable educational materials to enhance membership recruitment, participation, and retention. (e.g. recruiting members for articles or blogs to post on the website to encourage dialogue, creating content to encourage new members via student programs, keeping members informed of upcoming events and outcomes from previous events via social media, transcribing online workshops, creating questions for CE approval, etc.)

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