What We Do


The Advocacy Subcommittee, serving WAMFT, is committed to advocating for and securing relevant legal statutes which support and enhance the practice of Marriage and Family Therapy in the state and the nation.  This subcommittee is voluntary and those participating in it are allowed to come and go freely, with notice given to the current Chair of WAMFT via the current chair of the Advocacy Subcommittee. Members of this subcommittee maintain professional boundaries when dealing with information associated with their involvement in WAMFT. This subcommittee accomplishes its mission by:

  1. Providing information on advocacy issues to membership in order to organize responses to legislative actions and to facilitate participation in AAMFT’s legislative agenda.
  2. Working with key legislative partners through our lobbyist to secure beneficial legislative outcomes for our members and Marriage and Family Therapists in general, in alignment with AAMFT goals.
  3. Coordinating advocacy efforts with AAMFT Family TEAM through collaboration with the AAMFT Family TEAM liaison.

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