Get Involved

There are many ways you can contribute to the Education Subcommittee. Read the Tasks below and consider what your role might be - connecting with other members to get their input, collect sponsorships from businesses, or help plan amazing conferences!

Interested in becoming involved in the Education Subcommittee? Contact us:

Tasks of the Educational Subcommittee

The Educational Subcommittee is assigned to complete multiple tasks:

  1. Work within an annual budget that is provided and approved by the WAMFT Leadership Committee.
  2. Put a call out for volunteers for the subcommittee.
  3. Plan webinars, workshops, seminars, and conferences at the direction of WAMFT Leadership Committee:
    • includes name, contact information, picture
    • includes proposal name and summary
    • includes fees and accommodations
    • includes available/preferred dates for speaking
    • Identify relevant, research-based, appealing themes/topics to educate membership
    • Provide 3-5 options of keynote speakers for every event
    • Provide 2-4 options of venue for every event
    • Coordinate with the Networking Subcommittee to reach out to membership about every event via Newsletter, email blasts, social media, etc.
    • Provide cost/profits ratios to WAMFT Leadership Committee for every event
    • Create Event Manuals for every events
    • Track membership engagement and identify potential new members via events
  4. Seek out sponsors/exhibitors/advertisers for every webinar, workshop, seminar, and conference
  5. Provide articles to the Networking Subcommittee on prior events, changes in membership, call of volunteers, call for sponsors/exhibitors/advertisers, upcoming events, personal letters to membership from the committee members about their views on issues, etc.