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Play Time’s Over: Diagnosing Video Game Addiction

Speakers: Sarah Hays, Justine Mastin, and Larisa Garski In this presentation, we aim to help clinicians gain competence in the context of gaming and geek content - particularly video games. We will take a philosophical look at the theories behind video game play and gameplay generally (ludology), the theory of virtually being (ontology), what video game play really is as a behavior, and the relationships gained both parasocially and intrasocially through play. In parallel, we will discuss the semantic and contextual considerations surrounding addiction. This will lead to a thoughtful conversation addressing the diagnosis of behaviors, symptoms, and accuracy of diagnoses specifically surrounding disordered and healthy video game play. We will discuss potential pitfalls involved in this process including client honesty, comprehensive scope of symptom consideration, billing pressure, and client-family report. Clinicians who attend this workshop will have insight to the culture of video games and how to more accurately address the concept of addiction in context of an evolving digital and technological world. 2 CEs

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Using Live Action Role Playing in Group Setting for Youth

Speaker: Jennifer Hayes. This webinar will review the structure, assessment, and goals of using live action role playing games in a group setting for youth. Participants will learn how to use gaming as a therapeutic agent of change in the social and relational functioning of children around age 10 and up. 1 CE

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Utilizing Telemental Health Effective Clinical Practice

Speaker: Dr. Blake Berryhill. Tele-mental health services can expand MFTs’ positive impact on clients by increasing access to quality mental health care. As more clinicians opt to utilize technological mediums to provide services, it is important to understand the effectiveness of tele-mental health for treating various mental illnesses. The purpose of this webinar is to: 1) Provide a brief introduction for conducting tele-mental services, 2) Discuss potential ethical concerns for conducting telemedicine services, and 3) Summarize the state of tele-mental health research for treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, and eating disorders. We will highlight which tele-mental health practices are considered effective for each disorder, including how each compares to in-person treatment. We will conclude the presentation with practical applications for MFTs who are currently using/considering using tele-mental health. 2 CE

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Supporting Transgender Clients

Speaker: Alex Iantaffi. This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of working with trans and non-binary clients of all ages. This will include an initial brief introduction to terminology and gender theories, to the current WPATH Standards of Care, and to dominant treatment protocols for trans and non-binary clients across the lifespan in the US. We will discuss the issues that trans and non-binary clients and their families might bring to therapy and how to address these competently and systemically. The role that family therapists might play in the care of trans and non-binary clients and their families will be addressed, including the role that LMFTs might play in supporting clients who may pursue social, medical or legal transition processes. The importance of liaising with other providers, such as medical providers, will also be addressed. Ethical issues in relation to power, dominant discourses of gender and the historical oppression and marginalization of trans and non-binary people will be woven through the workshop and will be addressed from an intersectional perspective. 2 CE

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Ethical Thinking in Telehealth

Speaker: Lindsey Marsh. *Previously recorded from a Wisconsin Webinar. Looking at what AAMFT, AMFTRB, COAMFTE and others have written as well as some state-by-state comparisons on what telehealth looks like. Kidder, Kitchener, Stadler and other ethical thinking frameworks that shape the 'how we think' versus 'what we think' discussion. I could also include the 2012 v 2015 AAMFT Ethical Code comparison so we can look at a concrete example of how time shapes ethical standards. 2 CE

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Relationship Rebalancing: A new framework

Speaker: Lauren Kahn. Wisconsin Association for Marriage and Family Therapy: Relationship Rebalancing: A new framework for relational repair. This previously recorded presentation will introduce a novel approach she has developed for relational repair. Influenced by evidence based models including The Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Mindfulness, Relationship Rebalancing provides a framework for guiding clients through difficult conversations and interactions and helps lead them to feeling more connected and compassionate rather than falling into defeat and despair. 1.5 CE

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Increasing Your Clinical Ability in the Child Welfare System

Speaker: Dr. Asha Sutton. Families engaged in the child welfare system have a range of unique clinical needs and considerations. It is critical that clinicians are able to both acknowledge aspects of diversity that impact the client experience but also their perspective and experience as providers. Taking an interactive approach, this webinar will not only explore the unique needs of families engaged in the child welfare system, but it will also examine the concept of location-of-self and review best clinical practices for working with this population. 2 CE

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Five Financial Myths about Divorce

Speaker: Rhonda Noordyk. Have you ever felt like you want to better help your clients who are going through divorce? If so, this workshop is for you. Join Rhonda Noordyk, CDFA® as she addresses the Five Financial Myths about Divorce. Not only will you learn the five financial myths but also discover practical insights on how to help debunk them. Rhonda is a high-energy speaker, podcast host and successful business owner. Her insights will challenge the status quote and leave you with practical applicable strategies for better serving your clients who are going through divorce. 2 CE

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3-4 CEs

Evidence-Based Clinical Practice: The Five Core Skills

Speaker: Lee Williams, PhD. This workshop will educate therapists on how to use research to enhance their clinical work. The workshop will begin by describing the potential benefits of using research to inform clinical work, as well as some of the challenges that might be encountered. The workshop will then examine various ways in which research might be used to inform therapy. Much of the workshop will be devoted to teaching therapists five core skills (The 5 A’s) for using research to answer clinical questions. These skills include how to ask questions that research might help answer, how to acquire research to answer the question, how to appraise the quality of the research, how to apply the findings, and how to analyze the effectiveness of the treatment, and adjust as necessary. 3 CE

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Exploring Experiences of Diversity and Multiculturalism

Speaker: Jennifer Torres. This workshop will Part 1: Social inequalities result in health disparities, relational conflict, and assaults to personal dignity. These experiences influence the lives of therapists and clients who come from diverse contexts and enter a space of healing together. This webinar will explore how larger systems of power impact the therapeutic relationship and influence the interactions that take place in the clinical context. Participants will develop an awareness for the cultural differences that influence the lived experiences of both therapists and their clients. Part 2: After understanding how experiences of power, privilege, and oppression affect the clinical relationship, participants will learn how to implement interventions that are culturally sensitive and responsive. Additionally, participants will explore the complex ethical issues and challenges that become salient when delivering interventions from a culturally-informed lens. Participants will learn how to integrate a multicultural perspective into their practice, and engage with clients from a social justice-oriented framework. 4 CE

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The Historical System of Psychotherapy

Speaker: Lindsey Marsh. The focus of this presentation is the evolution of Best Practice and Ethical Standards over time. This presentation will dig into the history of the mental health profession starting with Freud as the main focal point while also briefly looking at some earlier thinkers too. This presentation will delve into the different time eras and the social/political events that were occurring and that impacted people's decision making processes and sense of security/stability. For example, the impact on professionalism, ethical and legal standards as we navigate through the Victorian Era, WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). In addition, this presentation will outline the impact of the numerous generations; women's rights; Roe v. Wade ruling; civil rights; mass shootings; technology/internet; long-standing oppression and exclusion of voices of color; and insurance coverage of mental health. More specifically, how these cultural changes affected what 'best practice' looked like for ethical, professional, and legal standards over time. Keeping all of this in mind, this presentation is centered around how we view what 'healthy' is via research in the midst of all this change because all of this has impacted our field and what we have viewed and currently view as good practice. Finally, in the time of Covid-19 and mental health, particularly in a state that has very little legislation regulating telehealth, this presentation will address our need to be pioneers and how we as providers will evolve the our field into the future as we adjust to this new normal. This presentation ends with a discussion on how the context of an era directly impacts the professional standards of practice and the need for examination with regards to the happenings of today that will dictate current best practices. 3.5 CE

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