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AB251 made it out of Committee with unanimous support

SB253 made it out of Committee with unanimous support

Senator moved AB251 to the floor and passed it

AB251 | 2023 Wisconsin Act 196 HAS BEEN SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR!!!

SB122 (requiring the Department of Financial Institutions to implement a section 529A ABLE savings account program and granting rule-making authority) has been signed by the Governor

SB527 / AB 566 (grants for suicide prevention programming) - Signing

Chair and Chair-Elect currently sit on the Wisconsin Council on Mental Health Meeting of the Legislative and Policy Committee. Chair-Elect currently is part of the Qualified Treatment Trainee (QTT) Advisory Committee. Chair-Elect is currently on a Facebook group called "Advocates for Telehealth WI."

  • Wisconsin Council on Mental Health Meeting of the Legislative and Policy Committee - "The Wisconsin Council on Mental Health (WCMH) is legislatively mandated under section 15.197(1), Wisconsin Statutes, as the mental health planning Council for the State. It was created to advise the Governor, the Legislature and the Department of Health Services (DHS) on the allocation of Mental Health Block Grant funds. The Council has 20 to 25 members appointed by the Governor, meeting bi-monthly. At least 50 percent of the members are consumers and/or family members. Other members represent state agencies, mental health providers, and other organizations or groups. The WCMH evaluates and reviews the mental health system's progress towards achieving improved client outcomes and the adequacy of mental health services in the State. The Council duties are specified in section 51.02, Wisconsin Statutes. The Council oversees state compliance with federal Public Law 102-321."
    • Vision Statement: "We envision the time when all persons in need of mental health services across Wisconsin have equal access to resources that strengthen self-determination and self-sufficiency by promoting health and wellness, improvement and recovery, quality of life, and dignity."
    • Mission Statement: "1) Create partnerships that develop, coordinate, and provide a full range of mental health resources; 2) Emphasize hope and optimism in all interactions; 3) Implement a comprehensive strategy to eradicate stigma and discrimination; 4) Involve consumers, their families, and communities as equal stakeholders in service system governance, planning, and delivery; 5) Acknowledge the abundance and limitation of human and financial resources and commit to responsible stewardship of these resources.
  • Qualified Treatment Trainee (QTT) Advisory Committee - "The QTT program oversight is through the Division of Care and Treatment, Department of Health Services and managed by the Center for Inclusive Transition, Education and Employment (CITEE) at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The QTT program grants were approved in the state budget and will provide mini grants to agencies/providers in order to support the time and cost related to supervising a QTT for licensure (i.e. Salary/benefits, training, resources)." 
  • Advocates for Telehealth WI - The group began to push for reimbursement from insurers for telehealth, especially after the pandemic made seeing clients in-person a safety concern. Although most insurers were willing to reimburse for telehealth services during the stay-at-home orders, some are not willing to extend this coverage after the executive order ended. This group is about gathering resources, making connections, and taking actions to promote the need for telehealth reimbursement.

Legislative Advocacy

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2023-2024 Legislative Session

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Prior Advocating

WAMFT joins coalition advocating for appropriate school safety and student mental health trainings. (Aug 2018)