How to Protect your Finances and Business: Financial Planning for Mental Health Practitioners

Helping mental health practitioners understand the important elements to financial planning. Whether a practitioner is a solo member LLC, works for a private group practice, works for a larger health system, or is a practice owner there are specific planning processes, products, and reviews that will affect each person differently. Proper financial planning will address a practitioner's full life from insurances, to investments, to savings. Mental Health practitioners have a unique set of job roles and have a unique compensation structure that requires some unique planning. From insurance protections, to Savings, to debt reduction, and investing, this presentation will touch on the initial phases of planning and give suggestions for future planning to help practitioners make healthy career and personal decisions that affect their lives.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants would know the basic protection options for income protection: (group and individual coverages).
  2. Participants will come away with an understanding how to invest their income appropriately.
  3. Individual solo practitioners or group private practice owners will come away with understanding how to offer affordable benefits to their staff.

Nick Kavelaris

Nick Kavelaris is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Board Certified Counselor. Current Business Development Associate with Third Coast Advisors, a Guardian Life Company. 8 Years as a professional counselor working in the private practice setting. Currently working to support mental health practitioners in their careers and in their practices through financial education, and direct support.

Taylor Scot

Taylor Scot is a Financial Advisor with Third Coast Advisors, a Guardian Life Insurance Company. Taylor works with medical professionals advising them and helping them implement insurance and investment processes to best help clients finances.