CTAMFT's Advocacy Chair is Jaime Rodriguez, LMFT. For more information on how you can be a part of our advocacy committee, please contact Jaime at advocacy@ctamft.org

Current Legislative Session Efforts:

The Connecticut Legislative session began in January 2021 and will run through June 2021.CTAMFT's Advocacy team works close with our lobbyist to track and support various legislative bills in this time. Our focus in the 2021 session has remained on telehealth and COAMFTE standards related to licensure. Below are updates on specific bills, as well as CTAMFT testimony:

HB 6666: An Act Concerning the Department of Public Health's Recommendations Regarding Various Revisions to the public Health Statutes
During the COVID-19 pandemic, COAMFTE adjusted their standards for accreditation and graduation requirements. CTAMFT worked with DPH regarding best steps towards ensuring Connecticut graduates would remain eligible for licensure given these changes. The solution was to introduce legislature to adjust statute language to be less hour specific and more generally reflective of COMAFTE accreditation standards. 
Currently this legislation has been raised and heard at a public hearing. CTAMFT's testimony can be found here.

HB 6472: An Act Concerning Telehealth (Medicaid)
CTAMFT submitted testimony encouraging the permanency of current telehealth provisions made possible through Governor Lamonts Executive orders. Testimony in support of HB 6472 can be found here
Unfortunately, HB 6472 was raised, passed through the public hearing, but has died. CTAMFT has shifted focus on another bill, HB 6470 which also addresses telehealth related to medicaid. 

SB 1022: An Act Concerning Telehealth (private insurance)
CTAMFT submitted testimony encouraging the permanency of current telehealth provisions made possible through Governor Lamonts Executive orders. Testimony in support of SB 1022 can be found here

HB 6557: An Act Concerning Social and Emotional Learning
CTAMFT submitted testimony in support of HB 6557, which would help to include school MFTs as necessary providers in a student/mental health ratio for schools. 
Currently this legislation has been raised, heard at a public hearing, and is awaiting next steps. CTAMFT's testimony can be found here

Recent Advocacy Successes:

Associate License
The much awaited Associate License is here! CTAMFT worked hard in 2019 (after nearly 8 years of advocacy work) to pass the Associate License. At the end of our legislative session in May, Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists joined the Social Work profession and were granted access to an Associate designation by the Connecticut State Legislature. This Associate designation is a registration between graduation and full MFT licensure. The purpose of this change is to move license-eligible candidates from graduation to full licensure in a coordinated and documented manner in order to support the MFT profession and ensure client care. Effective October 1, 2019 all practicing Counselors & Marriage and Family Therapists must possess either an MFT License or Associate designation to legally practice. 
For more information regarding obtaining your associate license, please visit the DPH website here

Upcoming Advocacy Efforts:

MFTs in Schools
The CTAMFT Advocacy committee is currently working towards updating informational packets for the CT State Department of Education and School Districts. This taskforce will be focused on creating a complete packet including information on Marriage and Family Therapists, and particularly the benefits of having MFTs in the school setting. This taskforce will be working in conjunction with the MFTs in Schools AAMFT TIN. We are excited for this collaboration!
For more information on joining the school taskforce, please email Jessica Nelson at advocacy@ctamft.org.
- Their meeting was held on 3/25/2020 via Zoom. For more information, or to request participation, please email Jessica Nelson at advocacy@ctamft.org

Federal Advocacy Efforts

MFTs in Medicare
CTAMFT continues to support AAMFT efforts in pushing for MFT recognition as Medicare providers. This is a federal effort, and therefore must be pushed through at a federal level. For updates and ways in which you can be involved in asking your representatives to support this action, we encourage you to become part of the AAMFT FamilyTEAM and to follow their blog, which can be found here.