MFTs in Medicare

Provisions included in the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2023 signed into law in December 2022 added MFTs and MHCs as Medicare-eligible providers. This currently has an effective date of January 2024 and would be the first addition of licensed behavioral health providers to Medicare since 1989!


MFTS will be eligible in traditional, Medicare advantage, RHCs and FQHC settings. 


What's next? AAMFT will be working with Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services throughout the remainder of 2023 regarding:

  • Provider enrollment

  • Provider rules/fee schedules

  • Educating stakeholders about changes

AAMFT has additional information and resources here.

Frequently Asked Questions for MFTs in Medicare

In September, CMS released its initial FAQs regarding the enrollment of MFTs and MHCs. You can find the answers to some frequently asked questions here.

What you need to know about enrollment

Enrollment in Medicare looks different than enrollment for other insurance panels. There are two major points related to enrollment to remember:

  • If you are interested in being a Medicare provider, you should complete the enrollment form here.
  • If you are NOT interested in being a Medicare provider, you will need to OPT OUT of enrollment. This will opt you out of ALL locations you practice for 2 years. Additionally, this will need to be renewed every 2 years. 
    • To opt out you must mail a written letter to the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). There are required pieces of information needed in this letter. As this becomes clarified for MFTs, CTAMFT will post on our website.