2024 CTAMFT Conference

CTAMFT Presents:


CTAMFT would like to thank everyone who attended, presented at, and sponsored this year’s annual conference! We received feedback from so many people that this was the best conference yet and we couldn’t agree more! All of the workshops flowed so beautifully; we learned so much and met new people! We are still buzzing with the energy and passion that filled the space. Our Education Chair, Briana Hansen, is already using that energy to plan networking events and CE events for the rest of the year. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information. 

Instructions for obtaining CEs:

1. Go to certs.aamft.org

2. Log in using your AAMFT/CTAMFT username and password

3. Go to the Events Tab

4. Click on Registered Events 

5. Select the 2024 Annual Conference

6. Select the workshops you attended

7. Click the workshop title for each workshop you attended

8. Complete the evaluation

8. Once evaluations are completed, click the "Certification" tab under this event

9. Enter code for each workshop and check "Claim Credits"

10. Check that you hereby declare that the information stated above is the true

11. Click "Proceed & Generate Certificate"