Calls to Action


SB 02 and HB 6837 have been voted out of committee and is currently awaiting decisions from the Senate and House. Unfortunately, MFTs were left out of the language for licensure fee reductions. We need to urge our State Senators and Representatives to amend SB 02 and HB 6837 to include MFTs in the reduced licensure fee structure before it continues through the process

Please follow the link below to send a letter to your representatives encouraging them to amend the language. This takes less than 2 minutes to complete and is vital for MFT success in this legislation.

HB 6562 - CALL TO ACTION For Telehealth Permanency and Parity
HB 6562: An Act Concerning Telehealth is still making its way through the legislative process and needs our support! We are asking any members with Representatives on the Public Health Committee (see list below) to contact your representative and tell them WE WANT TELEHEALTH PARITY AND PERMANENCY!! Current Telehealth statutes expire in June of 2023 so this bill is our last chance to have a say in the Telehealth matter before it returns to pre-pandemic policies. Please make your voices heard on the importance of Telehealth access and payment parity for clinicians and clients of mental health services in Connecticut.

Note: If your representative is on the Public Health or Children's Committees, your voice carries tremendous power. When representatives hear from their direct constituents, they are more likely to act on constituents requests and needs. Below is a list of Public Health Committee Members:

Public Health Committee Leadership:
Co-Chair: Saud Anwar
Co-Chair: Cristin McCarthy Vahey
Vice Chair: Julie Kushner
Vice Chair: Martha Marx
Vice Chair: John-Michael Parker
Ranking Member: Heather S. Somers
Ranking Member: Nicole Klarides-Ditria
Additional Public Health Committee Members:
Kai J. Belton
Aimee Berger-Girvalo
Jorge Cabrera
Christie M. Carpino
Michelle L. Cook
Anne Dauphinais
Marc DeCaprio
Mike Demicco
Keith Denning
Josh Elliott
Jaime S. Foster
Henry J. Genga
Jillian Gilchrest
Jeff Gordon,
Eleni Kavros DeGraw
Sarah Keith
Kathy Kennedy
Liz Linehan
Tracy Marra
Kathleen M. McCarty
Christine Palm
Jason Perillo
Moira Rader
MD Rahman
Karen Reddington-Hughes
Kevin Ryan
Derek Slap
Jonathan Steinberg
Peter A. Tercyak
Mary Welander
Lezlye Zupkus