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Application must be emailed to education@ctamft.org

The Connecticut Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (CTAMFT) offers a formal application process for Continuing Education (CE) credit hours (formerly known as CEU) on trainings, workshops, and other educational programs that meet the criteria established by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and in conjunction with the state of Connecticut’s Department of Public Health (DPH) regulations for CE CTAMFT is one of the organizations authorized to approve providers of CE.

Please note the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health requires that coursework is clearly related to maintaining skills necessary for the safe and competent practice of marital and family therapy.  For more information, please click here. These education offerings may be used by marriage & family therapists, professional counselors, social workers, and licensed psychologists to meet the Continuing Education requirement for Licensure renewal in Connecticut.

The following has been created to assist you with our CEU Application Process. 

If you have any questions, please contact us a education@ctamft.org.

CTAMFT’s Application Process


  • Lead Time:  Submit CTAMFT CE Application at least two months in advance of each activity in order to allow for proper processing.  There is no guarantee that CTAMFT will be able to announce activities to its membership if the application is received late.  An expedite fee  will be required for processing applications less than four (4) weeks prior to the date of the offering. Please see below price table for details.Retroactive approval is not granted; there will be no exceptions.

  • Individual Activity:  Submit an application for each individual activity.

An individual activity is one which has a single overall title, and for which registration grants participation in the entire program. Single activities offer a fixed amount of continuing education hours.

If your program design has participants registering for one or more segments, or permits registration for either morning or afternoon elements of a day-long activity, a different number of continuing education hours will be granted.  Therefore they must be treated as separate activities and will require separate applications for each.

  • Attachments: Be sure to include all attachments requested on the application (i.e. CEU certificate and evaluation forms).
  • Fees: This application must be accompanied by appropriate fee or paid by credit card before it will be reviewed.

Post Approval

  • Marketing: Once you have received your formal approval letter, which includes the CEU#, you may use the following statement in conjunction with any marketing of the program.

“This program has been approved for XX Continuing Education by the Connecticut Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and meets the continuing education criteria for Marriage and Family Therapist Licensure renewal.”

CTAMFT is also happy to provide a high-resolution version of its logo for use on the certificate.  Please note this permission is limited to a one-time logo use.  It may not be used to for anything other than the program for which it was approved.

  • Certificates of Attendance: Participants who attend conferences/ workshops must receive Continuing Education Certificates of Attendance showing the number of hours of certified activities they have attended. Certified activities are those that are equivalent to one hour of education to 1 continuing education credit  Link here to view a sample Certificate of attendance.
Counting Contact Hours

Definition of contact hour: 50 or 60 minutes of educational activity, including, but not limited to face-to-face workshops, home study programs and webinars.  Post-Graduate courses attended toward a Doctorate or other post-Master’s degrees are eligible for consideration for MFT CE Certification.

Exclusions:  Time spent for breaks, socializing, registration and meals.

Minimum number of hours:  One (1) hour of activity.

Maximum number of hours:  Eight (8) per day.

Instructors' Continuing Education Credit: Instructors of any MFT certified activities may count their actual face-to-face contact time toward their own CE requirements. Instructors should be given Certificates of Attendance.

Sponsor’s Responsibility in Granting CE Credit to Participants

Attendance:  MFT attendees who participate in certified activities are expected to attend the entire program.  A record of signing in and signing out will be required and maintained by the sponsoring organization. Link here for a sample Attendance Sheet.

Evaluations:  Attendees must complete and return to the sponsor an evaluation of each activity before continuing education hours are provided (i.e., before participant receives the Certificate of Attendance).  The sponsor is responsible for keeping these evaluations as evidence of each participant’s completion of your program.  As a condition of MFT certification for your activity, you must maintain these records for a minimum of five (5) years and agree to produce them for inspection as needed. Link here for a sample Evaluation Summary Form.

The sponsor is also required to submit a summary evaluation to CTAMFT within 30 days of the program.

Certificates of Attendance: 

Attendees who participate in certified activities should receive CE Certificates of Attendance showing the number of hours of certified activities they have completed. The recommended wording on the certificate is:

"This activity has been certified by CTAMFT for professional continuing education.

Certificate #_______.”

The certificate should show the following:

1)  Title of the Activity

2)  Number of Continuing Education Hours Granted

3)  The Instructor’s Name & Sponsoring Organization

4)  Date of Activity/Attendance

5)  Certification Language & Number (as shown above)

6)  An authorized representative of the sponsor should sign the certificate.

 Link here for a sample Certificate of Attendance.

Application Materials Checklist

To ensure rapid and accurate consideration, please complete the entire application to include the following information, as indicated on the Application Form:

  • All contact information
    • Presenters Names
    • Mailing address and phone number of person submitting the application
  • Program title, date, location and time
  • Program Summary
  • Learning Objectives
  • Schedule of the event
  • Number of Continuing Education Hours Requested
  • Presenter(s) Name(s) and Resume(s) or CV(s) (attachment)
  • Copy of Program Evaluation Form (attachment)
  • Sample Participant Certificate (attachment)
  • Program Marketing (attachment)
  • Fee (due immediately following program approval)

Application Fee Structure

CTAMFT will review each educational program applying for Continuing Education. Providers pay an annual fee based on the number of programs they will submit for review during a 12 month period commencing with the submission of their first program. These fees are due upon application and are non-refundable. CTAMFT requires 6 weeks to process an application. An Expedited Review is possible with payment of an additional fee, please see below.

# of Programs


CTAMFT Non-member




Up to 5



Up to 12






Expedited Review (additional cost)



Notification of Approval

  • Approval Letter: After the application is reviewed and a decision made about whether it meets the requirements for CTAMFT as set forth in this document; the contact listed on the application will be notified by email of this decision.

  • CE Number: The approval will include the CE#, as well as suggested language as indicated in these guidelines to include on the Continuing Education Certificate and marketing/advertising/promotion materials.

Applications and questions may be emailed to: education@ctamft.org

Please mail payment  to:

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
C/O Monique Thomason
RE: Connecticut Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Please make a note in memo of your check: “CTAMFT CE Application fee”

Promotion to CTAMFT Members and via CTAMFT E-Classifieds

Following approval and receipt of payment, CTAMFT will assist you with promoting your program as follows:

  • Posting to CTAMFT’s Website on the Continuing Education Opportunities page (in Professional Development section).
  • Four (4) e-mail blasts will be sent out via our “CTAMFT E-Classifieds” (email to opt-in subscribers).
  • Your program will also be archived on CTAMFT’s E-Classifieds page.
  • Posting on the “Calendar” on our Website.

Any questions and follow-up should be directed to education@ctamft.org.