Advocacy Education

Welcome to the CTAMFT Advocacy Education Page!

CTAMFT is working hard to provide access to our advocacy efforts and make advocacy work less intimidating. We will continue to update this page with resources aimed at expanding your advocacy skills.

Advocacy Basics

Interested in learning a bit more about the advocacy basics and what Advocacy looks like here in CT? Check out our CTAMFT Advocacy 101 training below. Please note: you must be logged in to view this training. 
(Slides with AAMFT logo contain information provided by AAMFT and the FamilyTEAM. We appreciate their support is sharing advocacy education efforts!)

Get Involved!

Join the CTAMFT Advocacy Committee
In order for Connecticut advocacy efforts to be effective, we need active member participation. Become part of our Advocacy Committee and see how you can join our mission to protect and advance the MFTs in Connecticut. Many of our tasks range from various levels of engagement to 1 minute tasks to a couple of hours, there is always something you can do to help. 

For more information, and to sign up for our Advocacy Committee, email our Advocacy Chair, Jaime Rodriguez at!

Join the AAMFT FamilyTEAM
CTAMFT's Advocacy committee also collaborates with the AAMFT FamilyTEAM. Consider joining to network with local Connecticut FamilyTEAM members and to hear about national legislative updates. For more information on how to join, please visit AAMFT's FamilyTEAM website.