Workshop Schedule

Workshop Schedule & Details

The conference will start out with a Morning Yoga Session from 7:30am-8:30am. 

Yoga has been proven to improve concentration, connection, focus, sleep, and relaxation. Research has shown yoga decreases major trauma symptoms such as anxiety, angry outbursts, and the impact of exaggerated survival stress responses. This session will give a hands on approach to learning about emotional regulation and its impacts on the body.

Workshop Series A  

Friday, May 10th, 2024 9:30am-11:20am

Workshop A1: Yoga Therapy for Trauma
Presenter: Christine Saari,

Yoga therapy offers individualized yoga practices to support traditional methods for trauma healing like talk therapy and EMDR. In this introduction to a yoga therapy approach supporting trauma recovery, learn simple grounding and awareness techniques to help your client improve their ability to be present. Learn how to apply yoga therapy frameworks to select an appropriate technique for a client. Experience and observe these techniques through demonstration and participation. Contraindications for using yoga therapy techniques for trauma will be discussed.

Workshop A2: Healing our Financial Wounds: Understanding and Transforming your Money Story

Presenter: LaQueshia Clemons, LCSW, AFC Financial Therapist 

Embark on a dual journey of self-discovery and client empowerment in our workshop, "Healing Financial Wounds - Understanding and Transforming Your Money Stories." As providers, this session, led by an experienced financial therapist, invites you to explore the profound impact of personal beliefs and attitudes towards money on both your financial behaviors and those of your clients. We will delve into money stories to gain insights into your own perspectives and approaches. Through self-reflection and engaging activities, discover healing techniques and therapeutic approaches that can transform negative money stories into empowering beliefs, benefiting both you and your clients. The workshop addresses conflicts arising from differing money stories in relationships, offering tools for navigating these differences with empathy.

Workshop A3: Building Systemic Paths Toward Healing in Schools

Presenter: Kathleen Laundy, Psy.D, LMFT & Erin Cushing, LMFT

The coronavirus pandemic has had a powerful effect on student attendance and achievement in schools over the past four years.  The good news is that there is growing interest in building mental health services in schools to promote student engagement, achievement and resilience.  In addition to the school certification requirements established to credential MFTs for school-based practice in Connecticut, new support roles and partnerships are being created and filled by MFTs who pursue school-based practice.  This workshop will trace the systemic development of MFT school certification, and the growth of student support centers, agency partnerships and increased participation of MFTs in school-based practice in Connecticut. 

Workshop Series B  

Friday, May 10th, 2024 11:30am-1:20pm

Workshop B1: Rekindling Connection: Exploring Sexuality Postpartum

Presenter: Catharine McDonald, MS, NCC, LPC, PMH-C

This workshop offers a comprehensive understanding of the intricate nuances and challenges surrounding postpartum sexual health and intimacy. It covers a range of topics including physiological changes, psychological aspects, and relational dynamics that affect sexual intimacy after childbirth.

Combining the specialties of sex therapy and perinatal mental health, this training provides evidence-based insights, clinical strategies, and effective communication techniques essential for supporting individuals and couples navigating postpartum sexual concerns. Participants will explore best practices for assessment, intervention, and guidance, fostering a supportive environment for clients seeking help with postpartum intimacy. Additionally, the training addresses cultural considerations, ethical issues, and practical tools to aid professionals in facilitating constructive conversations and offering comprehensive support to individuals or couples experiencing postpartum intimacy challenges.

Workshop B2: Alone Together, Healing Through Loss  

Presenter: Jeanne Murray, LMFT

This workshop will focus on healing through grief and loss as mental health professionals both personally and professionally. It will explore how we are created for connection and how the pain experienced with grief and loss can help us grow. It will define what is involved in the healing process as we develop a sense of personal wholeness involving physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of this human experience. It will focus on the core values of healing including kindness, compassion and a desire to support ourselves through our life experiences with others. It will discuss and explore the stages of emotional healing and necessary action and best supports to move through the process. It will explore the relationship between the grievers and the helpers and the cultural shift from a problem to be solved to an experience to be tended to.

Workshop B3: Healing Paths for Veterans Treatment

Presenter: Georjean Lubus & Albert Guillorn

Therapist’s will be able to assess the continuum of care for military members and the role of evidence-based family therapy. This workshop will explore the risk of trauma symptoms contagion of the therapist as well as other family members. They will learn how to assess their level of stress and learn strategies to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue.

Workshop Series C  

Friday, May 10th, 2024 3:00pm-4:50pm

Workshop C1: Nervous System Regulation for Mental Health Professionals: Addressing Burnout & Self-care

Presenter: Dr. Nancy Grechko, Psy.D, Clinical Psychologist

Have you ever had the escape fantasy of leaving the work behind and starting fresh doing.... something?! You’re not alone. This workshop was specifically created to support mental health professionals do the work they love while taking care of themselves. During this workshop, you’ll learn what self-care is, what it isn’t, why it’s important, and why your current self-care isn’t working (no judgment!). This workshop is highly experiential as we complete questionnaires increasing insight into compassion fatigue and current self-care needs. Most importantly, you’ll learn and practice nervous system regulation exercises to support your emotional resiliency and a healthy nervous system.

Workshop C2: Brainspotting: The Power of Neuroscience and Attunement

Presenters: Emberleigh Luce, LMFT

This workshop will provide attendees a brief understanding of Brainspotting foundations and the uncertainty principle, neuroscience and identifying trauma responses, skills on how to work with dissociation and flooded clients (resourcing) overview of 2-3 applicable frames (techniques), a 40 minute practicum to use their new skills OR demonstration with myself and a volunteer (I will let the attendees decide and will be prepare for either).

Attendees will be provided with a pointer to utilize during practicum which they can utilize during practices and keep with them when they leave.

Workshop C3: Use of Therapy Dogs with Clients
Presenters: Georjean Lubus, LPC 

The healing benefits of Animal Assisted Treatment (AAT). Animals change us in profound ways. This workshop will explore the benefits of professional Animal Assisted Treatment and how AAT reduces anxiety, depression and trauma symptoms.

The workshop will explore the bond that is created between therapist and animal as well as the clients we serve. Clients struggling in traditional treatment often report that Animal Assisted Treatment cultivates motivation and commitment to the therapeutic process. 

Workshop will cover how AAT has positive effects on staff job satisfaction, reduction of stress and improved mood for the therapist and/or staff.

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