How to Join ALAMFT

Who Can Join?
Anyone who is a member of AAMFT can choose to join our network.

How Do I Join?
At the time you renew your membership with AAMFT, you can choose to join interest networks including this one. Visit AAMFT’s website and join here!

What Does It Cost to Join?
Our rates are as follows: If you’re a student, the cost is $20. For all others, it is $50.

What If I Chose Not to Join ALAMFT at Renewal but Then Change My Mind?
You can join an interest network at any time!
Log into your AAMFT account and click the link above to join ALAMFT. You can also join a network by contacting AAMFT directly on their website or by phone at (703) 838-9808.

What are the Benefits of Being a Member of ALAMFT?
Click here to visit our website tab that lists the perks of membership with ALAMFT. 

Who Can I Contact for More Information?
The best thing to do would be to get in touch and ask some questions! Email us at We'll get back with you as quickly as we can.