ALAMFT is the primary education, training, and networking resource for those practicing systemic and relational therapies in Alabama.  The mission of ALAMFT is to provide opportunities for professional development, education, and growth to enhance the delivery of marriage and family therapy to individuals, couples, families, and groups in Alabama.  ALAMFT will advocate in partnership with the Family Team for practice parity for MFTs in Alabama.

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ABEMFT Sunset Review

The Alabama Board of Examiners in Marriage and Family Therapy (ABEMFT) successfully completed its Sunset Review by the State Legislature and the Examiners of Public Accounts on Friday, October 23, 2020. Sunset Reviews happen every four years and determines whether a professional board is continued into the future. It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce that ABEMFT has been continued for another four years. The board was commended on taking measures to improve its fiscal management, make licensure easier to obtain, and increase the number of licensees in the state. This continuation ensures the vitality and accessibility of the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy in the state of Alabama. 

ALAMFT Response to COVID-19 and Teletherapy Rules and Regs

We wanted to share what your professional association has been doing to advocate for MFTs during this time of transition in our practices. Please see the letter here ALAMFT_response_to_COVID-19.pdf

Continuing Education Opportunities Community
We have started a Community where you can see and post information about upcoming CE opportunities.  AAMFT and ALAMFT members can join and this information is visible to the public.  If you are not a member and would like to join the community, please email us and we will work to get you added.  Click here to go to the CE Community!

A message about COVID-19 and Teletherapy from ALAMFT



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Have you or a fellow MFT colleague had a recent success you would like to share?  Have you published an article? Received a new certification?  Been promoted?  We want to be sure that your fellow MFTs know of all the great ways we are positively impacting our state and our profession.  Please send the information, with permission from the person if sending on behalf of someone else, to alabamamft@gmail.com and we will share it with the next email blast we send out!

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All ALAMFT members have access to the ALAMFT Members community.  We also have two closed groups, one for students/associates and one for supervisors.  If you would like to be a part of the student/associate or supervisors community, please email alabamamft@gmail.com and we can verify your status and add you to the community.  

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