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Members of the ALAMFT Network are marriage and family therapists (MFTs), allied mental health professionals, or those in training who belong to the larger America Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). AAMFT is the professional home and premier resource for MFTs around the world.

Through AAMFT, members receive exclusive access to:

  • Key industry publications such as Family Therapy magazine, the Journal for Marital and Family Therapy, and AAMFT's Family Therapy e-News
  • Discounts on key services such as professional liability insurance, life and disability insurance, electronic
    health record, website development, and more!
  •  AAMFT’s ethics and legal consultation services
  • Continuing education and training services for MFTs both online and in-person
  • And much more!

AAMFT membership categories are based on where you are in your career. From student to fully licensed or independent clinician, there is a member category for you.
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