Friday Breakouts

1:45 PM - 3:15 PM

Shifting Power

Elisabeth Esmiol Wilson
Carmen Knudson-Martin
Dana Stone

We understand inclusive leadership as an ongoing developmental process for both students and leaders involving four elements of mutuality: vulnerability, attunement, influence, and relational responsibility. In this session, we will explore a method of “shifting our power” in increasingly relational and collaborative ways that allows for both flexibility and empowerment. We will address the challenges embedded in inclusive leadership, namely how to honor hierarchy and remain effective while being collaborative, actively negotiate power through different intersecting identities that either support or weaken one’s perceived power and challenge existing structures of hierarchy to create mutual relationships of collaboration that advance multiple perspectives and voices.

Leadership Through Interprofessional Collaboration 

Eman Tadros
Lovdeep Kaur

This presentation will discuss leadership between family therapists and pharmacists in the context of interprofessional collaboration. In an effort to build and reflect on their own professional experiences, recognizing the need to address wellbeing from a multitude of perspectives, and with the goals of improving access to care by identifying potential partnership opportunities between the two professions specifically and other similar disciplines. This presentation will illuminate the precise roles of family therapists and pharmacists, how they fit into the interdisciplinary healthcare team, how the two professions can join together in enhancing patient care, and anticipated facilitators and barriers in this undertaking.

How to Use Media Platforms to Enhance Your Practice

George James

This session will give an overview of the importance of using various media platforms to enhance your practice and provide practical skills for the various platforms. Attendees will learn how to increase referrals to their practice by using various media platforms as a form of outreach and marketing, develop pitch ideas and submissions to producers for television, radio and online programs and enhance their credibility as an expert and valued resource to potential clients and colleagues. You will learn about potential income opportunities such as writing, speaking and consulting as a result of your media exposure. Participants will learn the steps of developing a pitch and will leave with at least one pitch idea they can submit to a producer as well as having the opportunity to develop talking points and practice being interviewed with other attendees.

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Motivational Interviewing in MFT Leadership and Organizations

Kristin Dempsey
Greg Sumpter

Motivational Interviewing for Leadership and Organizations (MILO) is a strategic process in which MFT clinical and administrative supervisors can initiate conversations about change. This workshop will explore how the process, values, and micro-skills of Motivational Interviewing can be applied to encourage ideas and practices in clinical supervision and organizational change with a collaborative approach. Attendees will learn the MILO approach, including the four fundamental processes leading to organizational change with specific examples of clinical supervision and organization, and leave with ideas on how to apply each aspect of MILO into workplace challenges.

Journey From Skilled MFT to Effective Systemic Leader

Melissa Baker
Rachel Wahle

This session will highlight the core competencies that systemic clinicians already employ, which translate to effective and transferrable leadership skills across a variety of positions in our field. We will highlight how popular leadership materials borrow heavily from therapeutic and systemic thinking and will support attendees in creating concrete steps for their personal leadership journeys. Attendees will leave with awareness of their own leadership skills, and steps for their personal leadership journey that will launch them to the next phase in their career.

I Can See Clearly Now

Clyde Mayberry

Systemic leadership, especially for those that take on the role as a leader within an organization, can be a challenge. This workshop will utilize common everyday things (puzzles, sports, food) to teach the Bowen family Systems theory and apply it to your organization leadership. These teachings will introduce how to take the guess work out of the calculations and introduce problem solving to produce effective systemic leaders, in all positions, that are able to engage with, grow with, and encourage others.