Leadership development is a lifelong journey requiring intentionality, vulnerability, and adaptability. 

The last few years have shown us the need for strong leadership that can tackle any challenge - whether in life, home, or the office. The field of marriage and family therapy needs such leaders, which is why AAMFT is proud to offer a re-imagined approach to our leadership training and development programs to meet these needs head-on. With a new focus on leadership opportunities year-round, and more time for connecting with other leaders and peers to tackle your challenges and opportunities as they arise, this year’s program offers more room for personal growth than ever before.

Explore this website to learn about our Leadership Symposium on March 9-11 and the ongoing Leadership Learning Lab opportunities throughout the rest of the year. We look forward to partnering with you to make 2023 the year you commit to your personal growth. 

About the Leadership Symposium

AAMFT's Leadership Symposium is an excellent opportunity to meet people who can influence your career and provide connections to propel you towards your next step. The Leadership Symposium is designed to nurture leadership skills and development in marriage and family therapists who are passionate about advancing the profession and their impact on it.

The Symposium is designed specifically for:

  • Emerging leaders who want to develop their skills
  • Established leaders who may be looking to diversify or expand their careers
  • MFTs interested in investing in the profession and the association for the future

This event is uniquely tailored to MFTs and focuses on:

  • Profiles of unique career paths and challenges overcome by MFTs
  • Career and leadership development skills
  • Increasing understanding of association and group governance
  • Interactive workshops
  • Peer-to-peer networking

I love the material presented, this will be useful to help me speak to how my MFT skills connect with the organizational work I do. Thanks!. - 2022 Leadership Symposium attendee

Invest Further in Your Leadership Journey with the Certificate of Leadership

Interested in a more intensive leadership training experience? Check out our Certificate of Leadership track with even more in-depth training, personal assessment and focus, mentor development, and more! Up to five scholarships based on merit and need will be awarded to members with high potential to develop as leaders in the profession.