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Need a Therapist?

Looking for a therapist? Perhaps you're looking for someone who is uniquely trained to help you and your partner resolve relationship problems? Or perhaps you want to mend wounded relationships with your family? Or perhaps you would like some parenting guidance? MFTs are trained to work with individuals, couples, and families, and our unique systemic approach offers clients the opportunity to heal wounded relationships while also healing themselves.

MFTs often approach clients’ issues by exploring people’s family-of-origin (the family in which a person is raised) relationships that have shaped who they are, while also exploring current family (perhaps one’s partner and/or children) relationships that may be affecting them today. Using this unique approach, clients are able to better understand how important relationships have influenced their lives and how they can enhance these relationships and ultimately improve their own lives. 

To locate a practicing marriage and family therapist in your area, please visit AAMFT's online database of clinical members. We would also be happy to provide you with a list of practicing MFTs in Arizona. Prospective clients are highly encouraged to contact several therapists and request information regarding their training, experience, fees, and areas of expertise - this will afford clients the opportunity to determine which therapist(s) may be the best match with their needs.