Arizona MFT Portability News

AAMFT and your AIN Leadership team have been working closely with the AZBBHE, legislative supports, and Arizona stakeholders to improve MFT license portability in Arizona. The final iteration of this advocacy push has led to our amendment on SB1062 which has now been signed into law!

To read the full law, you can go HERE

What does this mean for MFTs in Arizona? 

It means that any MFT moving to, or wanting to practice in, Arizona now only needs to have a substantially equivalent license in another state for one year to be able to obtain a similar Arizona license. Previously, licensees would have had to had a substantially equivalent license for three years before applying for, and possibly receiving, an Arizona equivalent license. 

Not only does this improve MFT license portability, the wording of our bill supports all licensed disciplines! This is a big step in easing the ability of therapists to move to or practice in Arizona, thus, increasing access to care, decreasing gaps in employment, and strengthening the Arizona Mental Health Community. 

How can AZ MFTs find out more information about portability efforts?

You can track all of AAMFT portability efforts across the US HERE