Attendee Safety

Attendee Safety

AAMFT is working closely with Disney, the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel, and the Orlando Convention and Visitors Bureau, to prioritize the safety and well-being of conference attendees and implement measures to ensure an environment free from discrimination.  

AAMFT is working closely with its topical interest networks, including the Queer and Trans Advocacy Network and Margins to Center: Cultural Connections Among C/MFTs, to identify content and conference features that offer a welcoming, inclusive, and safe experience for our attendees. Please check this page often as new information will be added as it becomes available.  


We know there are concerns and questions around Florida’s current law regarding facility requirements based on sex (HB 1521). The scope of this legislation is limited to restrooms and changing facilities in state and local government buildings, schools, colleges, and detention centers. The law does not apply to private hotels (including the conference venue), private facilities, or restaurants.  

The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel assured AAMFT of the following: 

  • Hotel guests and conference attendees are welcome to use the restroom corresponding to their gender identity.  

  • AAMFT will convert restrooms to all gender restrooms as well as to more female-only or more male-only, depending on what is needed to ensure attendees feel secure and safe on the main event floor.  

Orlando International Airport 

The Orlando International Airport has Companion Care/Unisex/Family Restrooms (While Your Waiting Section) throughout the airport, and these restrooms do not fall under the current law 

Terminal A 

  • Level 1 (2) 

  • Level 3 (2) 

  • Gates 1-29 (1) 

  • Gates 100-129 (3) 

Terminal B 

  • Level 1 (1) 

  • Level 3 (3) 

  • Gates 30-59 (1) 

  • Gates 70-99 (1) 

Terminal C