Refresher Course

To maintain the highest quality systemic/relational supervisors in the field, AAMFT requires that Approved Supervisors take a refresher course prior to the renewal of their designation. This course is designed specifically to meet that requirement and to keep participants up to date on the practice of systemic/relational clinical supervision.

Please note that this is a course, and not a workshop and requires time to prepare before the interactive session. As such, we highly recommend that you register for your desired session at least one week in advance to the session date to ensure that you receive all information needed for the course and have time to prepare. 

In order to renew your AAMFT Approved Supervisor designation, you must also complete the AAMFT Approved Supervisor Renewal Form and submit it to AAMFT. If you do not complete and return this form, your supervisor designation will not be renewed.

Course Requirements

  • Must be an AAMFT Member (Clinical Fellow or Professional Member) and AAMFT Approved Supervisor
  • Must complete a 30-credit Fundamentals of Supervision course in order to receive the AAMFT Approved Supervisor designation.

      There is a high demand for this course. We at AAMFT will try to meet this demand as best we can; however, to guarantee availability, early registration is strongly advised. Also, please note that this is a course, and not a workshop. As such, we highly recommend that you register for your desired session at least one week in advance to the session date to ensure that you receive all information needed for the course. Courses are offered in the following quarters:

      • January - March
      • April - June
      • July- September
      • October - December

      Course Description: This course is taught from a systemic/relational perspective and covers a breadth of generalist ideas. That is, rather than “teach” supervision or supervise therapy from a particular perspective (modernist, postmodernist, constructionist, developmental, clinical), the course covers the basics for a number of perspectives that may fit the course participants’ ideas and worldviews. Through pre-interactive discussion questions, handbook overview and an online, face-to-face, interactive sessions, the course allows students a number of perspectives related to the purpose and goals of supervision within AAMFT supervision course guidelines. These include helping training therapists with ensuring client care, mastering competencies (both core and approach-specific), self-of-the-therapist and self-of-the-supervisor, context-sensitive, therapist professional growth, and other purposes as the supervisor and training therapist identify as individual supervisory systems. The course instructors are, themselves, constructionist in perspective, but teach and supervise a variety of perspectives and therapy/supervision approaches.

      Options for Course Completion:

      AAMFT offers two different options for course completion that will best fit your particular needs of maintaining your AAMFT Approved Supervisor. designation. The first option is a hybrid course, consisting of 3 hours of interactive hours and 3 hours of online work. The second option is a fully virtual, 6 hour course with no online work.

      We ask that you please use a headset, earbuds, or any type of personal earphone for the interactive portion of this course. Access and use of a webcam is required for this session, and lack thereof may result in removal from the session. Please be sure to test using the equipment (i.e. computer, browser, headset, etc.) that you are planning to use to complete the course. Access to interactive webinars needs to be from a non-distracting, private place because of confidentiality and security. Please avoid accessing the interactive webinars from public areas (coffeehouses, restaurants, etc.). Please e-mail for any questions regarding this.

      Option A: 6-hour Hybrid Course

      Members: $275

      Non-Members: $375

      Format: This course will consist of participation in one 3-hour interactive online discussion group completed via Zoom, and online work done on your own prior to your interactive session, including pre-interactive discussion questions as directed by the instructor (approximately three hours of work). You must attend the entire three hour session.

      Didactic Work: 
      The didactic work for the Hybrid Refresher course consists of reviewing updates to the Approved Supervision Handbook and Code of Ethics along with answering a series of pre-interactive discussion questions. Reviewing and answering these questions beforehand will help prepare you for the discussion during the interactive portion of the course. While you do not need to turn them in, completing all parts of the didactic portion is required for successful completion of the course.

      Continuing Education: 6 CEs will be received after the completion of the interactive session

        Option B: 6-hour Virtual Interactive Course

        Members: $275

        Non-Members: $375

        Format: While our other refresher course consists of 3 hours of interactive and 3 hours of online work, this refresher course format is 6 hours of an interactive online discussion only, completed via zoom. You must attend the entire 6 hours. 
        Continuing Education: 6 CEs will be received after the completion of the interactive session.

        Attendance Policy:

        It is your responsibility to check your calendar for availability and correct time zone.

        You must attend all sessions within the course that you signed up for, in their entirety. Failure to attend all sessions will result in loss of registration fees and having to retake the course in its entirety.

        No extensions, course transfers, or other accommodations will be made in the event that you miss a session.

        In the case of circumstances beyond its control, the AAMFT reserves the right to make necessary changes in presenters and content of all AAMFT Approved Supervision Courses.