Continuing Education

Continuing education given by AAMFT is accepted by most state licensing boards for marriage and family therapy and many other regulatory boards and organizations. Please check directly with the board or organization for continuing education requirements. Contact information for MFT state licensure and certification boards can be found here.

Obtaining your CE letter for the Fundamentals Course:
1. Log onto our CE certification site at certs. using your credentials that you use to login to the AAMFT website.
2. Select the course name under your CE events. If for some reason the course does not show, click "Edit My Sessions" to search for it.
3. Complete the Event Poll, which is listed as item #4 at the top of the page.

4. Once you have completed your philosophy of supervision paper, your instructor will provide you with a session code. Under the "Session Code" column, please enter the code given by your instructor.
5. Once you enter the code, click "Save and Submit. The "Incomplete" should turn red. You may have to refresh the screen and wait a few moments for it to show.
6. When "Incomplete" turns red, click it, and complete the session evaluation.
7. Download or print your verification letter.

Obtaining your CE letter/Certificate for your Refresher Course:

Option A: 6 Hour Hybrid Course

Complete the course in Teneo, AAMFT's online learning platform, and follow instructions for obtaining your CE letter. 

Option B: 6 Hour Virtual Interactive Course

Once the interactive session has ended, the instructor will provide you with a session code to use to retrieve your CE letter from:  

Please contact with any issues obtaining your CE letter.