About Us

In 2017, AAMFT introduced a vote to the summer ballot to dissolve the state-level boards in favor of wider-reaching, more flexible engagement programs. This vote passed, and over the last year, each state has voted to dissolve their state-level organizations. KSAMFT voted to dissolve at the end of 2017. MOAMFT voted to dissolve in May 2018. Both Kansas and Missouri had active and strong membership, and we wanted to see this engagement continue. This is why our two states have joined together to form a new geographic organization called MO/KAN.

Our mission is to advance the field of marriage and family therapy through training, education, and professional networking that
emphasizes the unique needs of MFTs and family therapy practitioners in the Missouri-Kansas region. MO/KAN will offer many, if not more, of the same benefits that both KSAMFT and MOAMFT offered including local conferences, supervisor training, and various on-the-ground and online CEU opportunities.

Activities of MOKAN will focus on four main areas:
  1. Training: foster relationships with the universities who are training future MFTs to encourage student participation.
  2. Continuing Education: offer opportunities for continuing education that are local and affordable.
  3. Professional Networking: foster relationships within smaller regions among MFTs.
  4. Supervision support: support prospective and active supervisors by providing networking and consultative activities.

It is easy to join. When you renew your annual AAMFT membership, you will now see a section that allows you to add MO/KAN to you registration. Fees for membership are as follows:
- $30 (Clinical Fellows)
- $30 (Allied Mental Health Professionals)
- $20 (Pre-Clinical Fellows)
- $15 (Pre-Allied Mental Health Professionals)
- $15 (Students)

Contact information: mokan.mft@gmail.com


(Kansas) Jurdene Ingram (chair), Jennifer M. Babitzke (secretary)

(Missouri) Katie Heiden-Rootes (chair-elect), Scott Huff (treasurer