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Telemental Health for Florida MFT Practitioners

In this webinar Richard Long, Chair of the Telehealth and Technology Interest Network, talks with the Florida Interest Network about the kinds of questions that a licensing board would want answered if a consumer/client complained about an MFT's delivery of telehealth therapy. We discuss five main questions and provide answers on how to navigate the way you conduct and present your practice.

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Starting an Online Practice

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Best Practices in the Online Practice of Couple and Family Therapy

Online Therapy is rapidly growing in utilization and the early research on its effectiveness is promising. However, many behavioral health providers still appear to lack basic knowledge of their obligations when providing telehealth services, particularly as the legal recognition of these services is rapidly evolving.

Download AAMFT's new, FREE guidelines to Best Practices in the Online Practice of Couple and Family Therapy to acquaint yourself with the current regulatory environment and start implementing best practices in your telehealth work today!

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Guidelines for Case Consultations

Clinical Case Consultations is your personal avenue to connect you with other therapists all over the world to share clinical experiences on various therapy topics, discuss Marriage and Family Therapy models, and compare notes on experiences like starting your own practice and completing the licensure process.

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Why Licensure Portability Matters

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