What We Do

The mission of the Substance Use and Other Addictive Disorders (SUOAD) Topical Interest Network is to advance systemic approaches in the treatment and recovery of substance use and other addictive disorders. To achieve the mission, the network will engage both MFTs and SUOAD treatment professionals in educational and training activities to promote the use of systemic approaches and family involvement across the spectrum of SUOAD services.

The network will leverage the robust catalog of systemically-focused SUOAD materials available and introduce systemic approaches that more directly address diversity, equity, and inclusion for those servicing and those suffering from addictive disorders. It will also be active in research-informed policy development and advocacy to promote the benefits of family involvement in SUOAD treatment and recovery. In addition, the network will develop networking opportunities for members as well as others who share the interest in SUOAD treatment and recovery, who often lack a community of like-minded clinicians.

Benefits of this network include:

  • Online networking through a member forum
  • Quarterly virtual networking events
  • Twice yearly webinars with continuing education
  • eNewsletter
  • Advocacy efforts through the Family TEAM

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