“Facilitating an Affirming Systemic Approach that Embraces Asexuality”

When:  Feb 24, 2023 from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM (ET)
Asexuality is a widely-misunderstood sexual orientation that identifies those who have little or no initial physical attraction for others. Clinical and health settings often perceive asexual individuals as having emotional, mental, or physical issues rather than viewing asexuality as a separate orientation. In this interactive workshop, participants will gain insight into the diversity of asexual spectrum experiences and learn to recognize biases that position romantic and sexual desire as normative and preferential. This session will address using a systemic perspective to work with asexual clients in relationships.

Learning Objectives:  Based on the content of the session, attendees will be able to: 
  1. Develop an understanding of the spectrum of asexuality and asexual identities
  2. Define amatonormativity and consider the impact of amatonomative assumptions on asexual individuals and their partners
  3. Consider personal biases around relationship expectations and how to affirm asexual clients and their families in therapy settings.

Continuing Education

2 hours of continuing education are available. Instructions to obtain CE will be sent in your confirmation and reminder emails. A session code will be provided during the event.

Other Information

If you are unable to participate on this date, please do not register. The webinar will be recorded and available for later purchase on Teneo.

About the Speaker

Dr. Valerie Glass, a light-skinned woman with medium brown hair and a smile

Dr. Valerie Glass, LMFT

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