Mentorship Program


Thank you for your interest in the Mentorship Program offered by NYAMFT/NYMFTN!


Mentorship is an act of generativity, a relationship where knowledge, insight, perspective, and wisdom can be passed down. Mentoring is a key source of networking and growth, and is vital to our profession. Our Mentorship Program aims to provide a space to connect and support mentoring relationships.


Program Requirements and Guidelines

We match Mentees to Mentors. Clinical Fellows are encouraged to volunteer their wisdom for this endeavor. New professionals need you!


As a Mentor in the Program you will:

  • assist with professional development 
  • provide guidance on becoming/being an MFT in NYS (if they do not have the answers they can find them or direct as to where to get them)
  • provide feedback on approach to the profession and having a successful career
  • answer other professional questions
  • share resources
  • serve as connectors and a shoulder to lean on


Our intention is to make great matches between Mentors and Mentees considering membership type, location, interests, experience, needs and skills/knowledge to provide both with an exceptional experience. Note, location is not an important matching factor thanks to the ease of virtual meetings.


We hope that, as Mentees get support in their professional development and achieve professional milestones, Mentors will enjoy guiding, supporting, and influencing the development and caliber of our next generation of MFTs.


  • Members of the Program are to be Members of AAMFT in good standing and have opted-In to NYMFTN:
  • Mentor Member - Clinical Fellow over 1-year (equivalent of being Licensed for at least 1-year)
  • Mentee Member - Student, Pre-Clinical Fellow, or Clinical Fellow less than 1-year (equivalent of being Licensed for less than 1-year)


  • All members are asked to update their Bio on the AAMFT website.
  • Mentors are asked to serve in periods of 2-year terms, with the option of renewing their term, and will receive support for their role in the program throughout their enrollment.
  • We facilitate virtual quarterly Mentor Group meetings which fosters a supportive Mentorship Community. The Mentor Facebook Group provides additional ongoing resources and support.
  • Mentoring is not supervision. Mentors may not request funding for their role and may not sign-off on any hours for Mentees. They can provide Letters of Reference/Recommendation as they so wish.


  • Mentors will be assigned no more than five (5) Mentees at a given time.


  • Mentors are required to make initial contact with their Mentees upon assignment, to hold monthly Mentee Group Meetings to answer questions and help address any needs (virtually via zoom works great), and to be available for Individual Meetings / Calls as needed.
  • Our match through the mentoring program is active until the Mentee no longer fits the criteria of the mentee category, or the Mentor’s Term expires. However, continued connection in the Mentor relationship is a wonderful outcome. This program aims to foster an environment for MFTs to feel supported in the profession from the beginning of their career forward. Should the Mentor not renew their Term, the Mentee will be assigned a new Mentor.


  • There is a 6 Month trial period to assess fit of match, at which point either Member can request a reassignment.


  • We have a Mentoring Program Facebook Group for Mentors and Mentees alike for additional community building, support, and a richer experience.   
  • Feedback is always appreciated. You can participate in our Program Survey found in Mentoring Program Facebook Group.


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Questions, suggestions, want to volunteer with us in the Program?

Email us at with Mentorship Program on the subject line.


Looking forward to sharing a connected and fruitful experience!