Systemic Family Therapy Conference

The Systemic Family Therapy Conference (SFTC), sponsored by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, is the most comprehensive event for systemic therapists. Providing systemic thinkers with personal and professional development, cutting edge clinical skills and training, this event will examine the role of systemic therapy in communities and institutions, and its impact on global society.  

The three-day virtual conference features workshops based on these key topics:   

  • Enhancing the systemic thinker as an individual focusing on personal and professional growth 
  • Developing cutting edge clinical skills and training to propel our profession forward, and  
  • Integrating MFT values into vital community and institutional systems that shape global society 

The Systemic Family Therapy Conference takes a holistic approach to the continuing development of family therapists. We are excited to announce that this flagship event will be completely virtual in 2021, bringing together attendees from every continent in the world and eliminating barriers to access. We look forward to building our community and strengthening the profession to make a worldwide impact! 


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    Continuing Education 

    To get continuing education credit for the sessions you attend, be sure to evaluate each session in the Certification Manager, which is available on-demand to complete and print/email your verification.

    Certification Manager