WAMFTs of Color Hangout

Wisconsin MFTs of Color Forum
Forums are typically one hour in duration
Time: to be determined
Date(s): to be determined
Host(s): to be determined

WAMFT is happy to be offering a once-a-month series of support groups aimed at MFT students and clinicians of color. Sessions of this forum will cover a variety of topics and themes including:
-Self-Advocacy at school and work
-Burn-out prevention
-Self-Care Strategies
-Navigating racial power dynamics in session
-Peer support
-Intersectionality in the MFT field
-Talking with clients about racism

The focus of the group is on the experiences of students and clinicians of color in regards to racial identity. The space also aims to be intersectional in its approach and a discussion of other identities is welcome and appreciated. 

Sessions will be held via Zoom and will welcome input from participants. The one hour sessions will include time for participants to discuss what they hope to get from the space and to seek support from the group. Interested students can contact the group's facilitators with questions and/or topic suggestions.