Console Your Soul

Healing is a messy business. In this talk, I will try to approach the topic holistically not only through focusing on our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls, but also through healing wounds we sustain working with clients, those we love, and the systems we operate within.

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will appreciate the multiple layers of traumatic impact.
  2. Participants will engage in hands-on practical tips to heal the wounds of trauma
  3. Participants will be directed to coping and resilience factors within themselves and encouraged to use all resources at their dispense to nurse their wounds and console their souls.

Dr. Omar Reda, MD

Speaker Bio

Receiving his master’s degree from Harvard University in Refugee and Global Mental Health after completing medical school in Libya and while undergoing extensive training with the University of Tennessee, Dr. Omar Reda is now a board-certified psychiatrist practicing at the Providence Healthcare System. Dr. Reda is a leading expert in Psychotraumatology and Trauma-Informed Care as well as the mental health of Muslims, immigrants and refugees, the Libyan revolution, and the Arab Spring, and is the author of several books and a highly sought-after dynamic public speaker. Living in Portland, Oregon with his wife and three daughters, Dr. Reda’s passion for healing focuses on tackling the family dysfunction and youth vulnerability resulting from trauma.