Balancing Two Worlds in America – Life Through a Hmong Lens

Long Vue is currently the Executive Director of the Wisconsin United Coalition of Mutual Assistance Associations (WUCMAA) and has worked in helping to bridge the challenges of living in two worlds for Hmong families, youth, and elders in different capacities throughout his career.  This presentation will share a brief history of the Hmong along with cultural beliefs and practices and how the Hmong have evolved since their arrival in the United States as political refugees in 1975.  As Vue Clan leader, Mr. Vue will also touch on specific topics such as marriage, family structure and relationships, decision making processes, and spiritual practices.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn about the challenges faced by Hmong families, youth, and elders.
  2. Participants will explore the Hmong evolutionary patterns in cultural beliefs and practices spanning their arrival to America in 1975 as political refugees to today.
  3. Participants will develop ideas on how to aid their Hmong clients through a better understanding of Hmong marriages, family structure, family relationships, decision making processes, and spiritual practices.

Long Vue

Speaker Bio

Long Vue is the Executive Director of Wisconsin United Coalition of Mutual Assistance Association, Inc. (WUCMAA), a statewide coalition of twelve Hmong non-profit organizations here in Wisconsin.  The coalition has existed for 34 years since the inception in 1986. As an executive director, he constantly looks for ways to strengthen the coalition through collaboration with one common voice to ensure the coalition can obtain the resources necessary to provide culturally responsive services to the Hmong community in the state of Wisconsin. In his previous roles at Bay-Lakes Council and WISCAP, he had leveraged and collaborated with other non-profit organizations and partners on fulfilling the mission and goals of those organizations.