Early Career Resources

Embarking on becoming an MFT is an exciting time. While the rewards of a career you are passionate about are numerous, we know the journey is not without its challenges. These resources are invaluable to traversing your path. Questions? Call AAMFT at 703-838-9808 or email central@aamft.org. Be sure to have your member ID# handy or include it in your email! You may also contact WAMFT directly, at wamft@wamft.org

MFT Exam Information

State Licensing Information


  • Approved Supervisor Directory: Use AAMFT’s Approved Supervisor Directory to find supervisors with the very highest qualifications in relational therapy supervision.

Finding Job Opportunities

  • AAMFT’s Job Connections: AAMFT's online job board is constantly updated with positions for MFTs at all levels of their careers.