WAMFT Annual Awards
Categories and Descriptions

Each year, the Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (WAMFT) honors individuals who have contributed to the profession and practice of Marriage and Family Therapy, to our association, and to communities in the state of Washington. Please consider nominating an exceptional member of the community for recognition by WAMFT. All award recipients must be members of WAMFT except for those receiving the Family Advocacy Award.

Nominations will be accepted through August 3, 2020

Awards will be presented at our annual WAMFT Conference held virtually on September 26, 2020

Distinguished Clinical

This award honors a long-time clinical fellow whose career has been marked by clinical wisdom, excellence, and significant contribution to the field of marriage and family therapy. The nominee must be a member of WAMFT and have been in the field of marriage and family and demonstrate contributions in at least three of the following areas: (1) supervising or mentoring, (2) teaching, (3) writing or editing in the field of MFT, (4) MFT research, (5) significant contribution to WAMFT leadership, (6) involved in the passing of major legislative efforts that promote the practice of MFT in Washington, and/or (7) presenter or speaker in the field of MFT.

Supervisor of the Year

This award honors an AAMFT Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor who demonstrates clinical and ethical excellence while fostering positive and strong relationships with supervisees. The nominee is committed to the core values of AAMFT and encourages students and associates toward MFT licensure and the practice of systemic therapy. All nominations for this award should include student or pre-clinical members’ perspectives about the nominee’s qualifications and experience.  Students and pre-clinical members are strongly encouraged to nominate someone for this award.

Educator of the Year

This award honors an MFT faculty member who significantly contributes to the advancement of the field by mentoring and training the next generation of marriage and family therapists. This nominee demonstrates creative and innovative teaching abilities and fosters and maintains strong relationships with students. 

Student Member of the Year

This award honors a current student who demonstrates exceptional academic and clinical excellence, while offering unique contributions to their learning community. In the case of equally meritorious nominations, consideration will be given to those students who have demonstrated active participation in AAMFT or WAMFT activity. 

Volunteer of the Year

This award honors a WAMFT member who contributes to the association above and beyond the normal expectations of his or her elected or appointed responsibilities. Cumulative contributions by the member are considered along with the member’s service to WAMFT for the current year. This includes volunteers in any capacity other than the current President or President-Elect.

Diversity Award

This award honors a WAMFT member or an organization within our profession who demonstrates any or all of the following criteria: the nominee 1) is a diverse individual in terms of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, ability, or other status; 2) has a diverse experience or perspective; and/or 3) serves a diverse population that has generally been underrepresented in the field of marriage and family therapy.

Family Advocacy Award

This award honors an individual or organization outside of our profession who has served families in the state of Washington. Recipients of this award may include, but are not limited to, a politician, clergy member, educator, or community activist.

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Past Award Recipients
Volunteer of the Year
2019 Tess Wiggins Goodfellow
2018 Rebecca Cobb
2017 Lindsey Nice
2016 Sue Arneson
2015 David Ward
2014 Scott Wangsgaard
2013 Amanda Franklin
2012 Marc Bachrach & Rick Monce
2011 Kathleen Yost
2010 Robin Gray
2009 Julia Berreth
2008 Laura Schmidt
2007 Bob Vincent
2006 Suzi Mohn
2005 Tess Wiggins Goodfellow
2004 Carol Stanley 
2003 Loryann Nichols
2002 Julie Wood
2001 Cristi Lien
2000 Tina Schermer Sellers
1999 Harriet Cannon
1998 Brian oss

Distinguished Clinical Member
2019 Paul David
2018 Carl Greenberg
2017 Tina Schermer Sellers
2015 Tess Wiggins Goodfellow
2014 Wayne McCleskey
2013 Cheryl Storm
2012 Bill Boyett
2011 Kevin Peterson
2010 Mike Fitzpatrick
2009 Cynthia Cooley
2008 Cristi Lien
2007 Bill Collins
2006 Donald Williamson
2005 Barbara Fischer
2004 Doug Anderson

Supervisor of the Year
2019 Jennifer Sampson
2017 Tina Schermer Sellers
2016 Kim Townley Clayton
2015 Suzi Mohn
2014 Roy Hodgson
2013 Julie Wood
2012 Caron McCune
2011 Jerry Saltzman
2010 Steve Maybell & Jan Torgenrud
2009 Ronald Lewis
2008 Terrill Gibson
2007 Claudia Grauf-Grounds
2006 Wayne McCleskey
2005 Judy Hait
2004 Mike Fitzpatrick 

Student Member of the Year
2019 Kyle Anderson
2018 Brandon Liu
2017 Ngoc Nhan
2016 Christy Forrester
2015 Darlene Peters
2014 Sunita Benning
2013 Melanie Lainez
2012 Santi Wibawantini
2011 Irei Villagomez-Morales
2010 Molly Simkins
2009 Ashley Ward Gaspard
2008 Colleen Quitslund
2007 Amanda Montgomery
2006 William Woehl
2005 Rosanne Feder
2004 Christina Holland

Educator of the Year
2019 Zain Shamoon
2018 Lindsey Nice
2017 Christie Eppler
2016 Rebecca Cobb
2015 Doug Jones
2014 Elizabeth Esmiol Wilson
2013 Kim McBride
2012 Paul David 
2011 Kirk Honda
2010 Mark Young
2009 Amanda Franklin
2008 David Ward
2007 Bill Forisha
2006 Charlie York
2005 Cheryl Storm
2004 Michelle Naden

Family Advocacy
2019 Senator Steve O'Ban
2017 Family Innovation Lab
2016 Lisa Gustaveson
2015 A Home Within
2013 Recovery Cafe
2012 Megan Kenned
2011 Paul Casey
2010 Senator Ed Murray
2009 Senator Patt Murray
2008 Someireh Amirfaiz
2007 Penny Carol Hillaire
2006 Governor Christine Gregoire
2005 State Rep Eric Pettigrew