Healing Men: Beyond Toxic Masculinity in Trauma Therapy

When:  Sep 21, 2020 from 01:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)
Join the MFTs Working with Trauma on September 21st at 1pm EST/10am PST until 3pm EST/12pm PST

Addressing men from a gender perspective that considers diverse identities and social differences is vital for reducing drop-out rates and increasing effectiveness in trauma therapy. In recent years, the term ‘toxic masculinity’ has gained currency because women and queer-identified people have challenged straight men’s power and privilege. But the devastating impact of rigidly defined gender relations on men has been largely overlooked. In this webinar, mental health clinicians will learn how masculinity assemblages impact the experience of trauma and recovery among heterosexual men who were born male. First, you will be introduced to the field of critical men and masculinity studies to help you develop a gender perspective on traumatic stress that is attentive to race and class inequalities. Second, you will learn to map the effects of various cultural rites of passage to manhood and assess the extent to which masculine gender role socialization creates particular vulnerabilities. Third, you will learn how to incorporate conversations about men’s gender identities and their changing meanings in the process of trauma recovery. The webinar raises awareness about these topics from a systemic perspective that goes beyond any particular treatment model and offers critical insights from Dr. Reihling’s ethnographic research on men’s affective health.

Learning objectives

  • Define the concept of masculinity from a systemic perspective
  • Describe gender-specific vulnerabilities to traumatic stress among heterosexual males
  • Ask therapeutic questions that help men transform unhelpful gender identities

The live webinar will be worth 2 units of continuing education credit.

The presenter for this webinar is Dr. Hans Reihling  

Dr. Hans Reihling is a medical anthropologist, licensed psychotherapist, and author. He is passionate about working with men and focuses on interpersonal violence, out of control sexual behavior, and political torture. His new book Affective Health and Masculinities in South Africa provides a rare perspective on young men’s vulnerability in relationships as they struggle to overcome the aftermath of apartheid racism. Dr. Reihling presents at conferences worldwide, teaches seminars, offers clinical supervision, and conducts forensic mental health evaluations for survivors of torture. For more, visit www.hansreihling.com.

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Non-Members $40.00
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