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American History Essay

All American students will have to take an American History class in their life, sometimes even more than one. It is a given that the student will be required to write an American History essay or two during this course.

American History is divided into into several periods and each is usually taught in a different class. There is early American History which includes settlement of the country by different nations. If this is the class being taught and an American history essay is assigned, it will be up to the teacher to assign a specific topic or leave it to the student to choose. Spanish, French, English, Dutch, Swedes, Portuguese and some other nations set foot on the new land in the late 1400’s and into the 1700’s. History shows that the Vikings were on this continent as early as 1000. Students also need to consider the tribes who lived in America thousands of years before other countries found the land. This is referred to as the pre-colonial period of American History.


There will be an explicit course about the forming of the United States of America. Essays can be written about the American Revolutionary War and the defeat of the British. Another topic would be the Declaration of Independence and how the new land became a republic. There are many great personalities in this era who were responsible for writing of the United States Constitution.

Another class is devoted to studying and writing about the expansion to the West and the election of the first president. So many events took place between the late 1700’s and the mid 1800’s that led to the formation of the United States. The American History essay topics from the "pay someone to write my paper" company related to this period is vast and full of color.


Students may opt to study a very interesting yet sad part of American history in class – the one about the Civil War in the United States. The subject of slavery, the Union and Confederate States and their conflicting beliefs, the different battles that formed America as it is known today and economic disparity between the North and the South all make excellent topics to write an American history essay on.


After the North won the Civil War, there was a period of reconstruction and industrialization that gave the newly formed country even more growing pains. There was still a lot of strife related to racial issues and the economic differences between industries in the north and farming in the south.


One entire class can study the First World War, the Great Depression, Prohibition, and the crash of Wall Street. Each historical growing pain lends itself to many viewpoints for writing essays on this period of history. Following this class is the involvement of the USA in World War Two. The confrontation between the USA and Germany along with the confrontation with Japan and how England and France were involved lends itself to many different subjects for essays on the "help with research paper" website. This study in history, although for only five years, is one of the most eventful eras in the USA history.

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