2020 MOKAN Annual Conference

Starts:  Mar 27, 2020 9:00 AM (CT)
Ends:  Mar 28, 2020 4:00 AM (CT)
Annual Conference for MOKAN MFT Interest Network. For one day registration, select "Special" below.

Friday, March 27
9:00 AM (3 CEs)
Ernesto Segismundo Jr.
The Therapist as an Entrepreneur—Addressing the emotional, psychological, and behavioral development of the therapist
As mental health professionals venture into the world of entrepreneurship, they are confronted with the reality that their clinical training is insufficient in growing and maintaining a successful therapy business.  Because most clinical graduate program do not teach the business side of the profession, clinicians are at risk of failing within two years of starting a therapy private practice.  This session aims to educate, inform, and teach the therapist to address the emotional, psychological and behavioral development to become a savvy, creative and confident entrepreneur.   

1:30 PM (1.5 CEs)
Shannon Cooper-Sadlo, Agnes Elking
Addiction and the Family
Addiction is a serious clinical issue impacting children, adults, intimate partners and families in many ways. This presentation explores evidence-based treatment approaches with families, intimate relationships, and adults who have experienced substance abuse. Additionally, an overview of the intersection of mental health, physical health, and environmental factors that are often associated with addiction will be addressed. This course is designed to prepare clinicians to utilize evidence-based practices to address the needs of families who are impacted by substance abuse.

3:30 PM (1.5 CEs)
Daniel Duntz
Introversion and Extroversion and why it matters in the Therapy Room
A seemingly simple, innocuous test can, in fact, point to much deeper pools of information and explanation as to why a client may behave in a certain way. Based on scientific research it has been discovered that depending on whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, the path of stimulation follows two different, distinct paths in the brain. The neurological path of the introvert is slower, makes more ‘stops’ and engages the acetylcholine neurotransmitter, whereas the extroverts biological stimulation pathway is a much quicker, dopamine-fueled path. So why does any of this matter? Simply put, we as clinicians are focused on client health and sustainable, healthy change, and when we encounter something that is malleable, though non-changeable, that needs to be given attention. Knowing whether or not your client(s) is one or the other, biologically, can aid clinicians in their diagnosis, problem resolution and even attunement. The inclusion of a few handfuls of questions in an intake form can provide major insight and pragmatic facts to which ultimately results in more efficient, effective client care.

Saturday, March 28
9:00 AM (3 CEs)
Benjamin Caldwell
Maximum Impact: Saving your clients, saving psychotherapy, and saving your sanity
Family therapists are typically mission-driven, and aim to have significant impact on the larger communities in which we live and work. The values that brought us to this field can be harnessed in ways that have that impact, while also influencing the larger field of psychotherapy and protecting therapists from symptoms of burnout. In this data-driven discussion, Dr. Caldwell will review research on therapist outcomes, therapist development, the larger state of the therapy field, and clinical burnout, all in the interest of defining several specific steps you can take in your own practice, starting immediately, to move closer to the impact you entered this field to have. 

1:30 PM (1.5 CEs)
Dr. Lexx Brown-James
Making Your Practice Sex-Positive and Successful.
This workshop will walk clinicians through the foremost definition of sex positivity, have them identify 5 realms of sexuality with their integrated parts, and equip them with at least 3 resources for sex-positive implementation in their own practice. This in an experiential workshop where participants will be able to use their own practice set up (or ideal practice set-up) to discuss what will be useful regarding sex positivity for their client based. Using an intersectional approach, this workshop will help practitioners uncover their own needs for more knowledge and explore what their clients’ might need in regards to sex-positive from their practice. Further, the discussion of training models, up-to-date terminology and building referral bridges to sex-positive resources are palpable tools participants will leave this workshop wielding

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Regular Registration Ends Saturday, March 28, 2020


St. Louis University - Il Monastero Banquet Center
3050 Olive St
St. Louis, MO 63013

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