Friday Breakouts

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12:30 PM- 1:30 PM:

Professional Advancement

Take this opportunity to join with colleagues to discuss a broad range of topics on professional advancement.

1:45 PM- 2:45 PM


Sliding vs Deciding: When Becoming a Leader is Decided for You

Heather Katafiasz, PhD
Rikki Patton, PhD

This workshop will focus on how to navigate those pivotal moments in your career when, rather than making a choice to become a leader, you find yourself sliding into a leadership role without realizing it was something you wanted. Using a competency framework, this workshop will focus on the intrapersonal and interpersonal traits that can make you an effective leader – traits that you might not have known that you had but can now expand upon. Whether this role was decided for you or you chose it, you can master it.

Generation Prodigy

Latonya Stephens, PhD

Leadership development begins in early childhood, as the intellectual, cultural and social selves are developed (Mengert, 1996). Within the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy, preparing and mentoring youth are not often a topic explored. This presentation considers methods of teaching urban youth leadership skills and enlisting programs to promote positive learning in safe environments. The presenter will discuss non-traditional mentoring program which focuses on communication skills, emotional intelligence, cultural awareness and activities and educational enhancement through travel and process groups.  Methods for developing emotionally intelligent leaders among youth populations that are talented, but often neglected due to the lack of resources, exposure and culture will be discussed.

Branding Yourself and the Profession Throughout Your Career

Shelby Riley, MS, LMFT

Whether you work in a hospital, agency, private practice, or academia, your reputation is your brand. Throughout your career, you will have the opportunity to intentionally shape your brand, and the overall brand of the MFT profession. This workshop will teach effective ways to cultivate a strong, authentic brand as an MFT, and help participants make career decisions that mark them as leaders, no matter the work setting.

Online Clinical Supervision: A Look at Recent Regulation Changes

Rachel McCrickard, LMFT

Obtaining clinical supervision can be a challenge in areas where quality, affordable clinical supervisors are few and far between. Supervision with specific specialties such as multicultural counseling or LGBTQ+ populations can make it even more difficult to find a supervisor locally. There are opportunities for technology to solve some of these problems through distance supervision. This webinar will highlight the professional opportunities of distance supervision utilizing technology and identify some of the challenges of using this emerging modality, while paying particular attention to the ethical implications that must be considered.

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Creating a Vision Within Your Organization

Scot Allgood, PhD

Creating an organizational vision as a leader is an exciting but sometimes daunting project. This presentation will take the principles of strategic planning and apply them to non-profit or volunteer leaders. You will receive hands on experience in understanding how to systemically and systematically collect the data to create and evaluate a strategic plan.


Contextual Feminist Leadership

Shelley A. Hanson, MA, President
Silvia Kaminsky, MSEd, President-Elect
Tess Goodfellow, MA, Secretary
Erin Schaefer, MS, Treasurer

For most of human history, males – and the models of leadership they developed or evolved into – have been the template for how we in the western world understand leadership. Moreover, due to the dominant culture/s within western living being white, most leadership has imbedded into them what it means to lead as a white male in a context that expects, makes room for, and elevates white male leadership.

This group of AAMFT officers – the first Executive Committee of AAMFT that is comprised of all (identifying) females – will lead a conversation about a different model of leadership: one that purposefully chooses to make space for other, who understands the different felt-experience of being non-male in a leadership position, that looks for cultural norms within the context of leadership and seeks to remove barriers.

Launching Our Field Into the Digital Age

Jaclyn Cravens

In March of 2020, the novel corona virus (COVID-19) forced mental health professionals into taking on telehealth practices – whether we were ready or not. As we reach the twelve-month mark of the global pandemic and our transition into teletherapy practices, what have we learned? This workshop will provide an overview of what we have learned, and the critical work still ahead, to lead the way toward effective teletherapy practices. 

I'm ok, You're ok: A Conversation About the Intersection of Self-Care and Ethics

Meg McLeroy
Anne Marie Munson

Exactly what does it take these days to take care of ourselves, our practice, our community and beyond?  How do we best care for our bodies and our emotional health when we are juggling video sessions, increased demand on the need for mental health services and a toilet paper shortage?   How does doing a good job with modeling self-care have a positive impact on our clients?  Join Anne Marie and Meg for a candid conversation about the ethical imperative to maintain well-being and cultivate hope as we continue to navigate a pandemic and the competing demands on our time and energy