Saturday Breakouts

10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

A System is a System: Applying Theory in Corporate Settings

Jessica Lyons

As trained clinicians we work to shift, heal and support family and partner relationships. The same relational dynamics we see and work with in family systems - enmeshment, triangulation, conflict avoidance, show up in every facet of life: our community, sports teams and workplaces. This workshop will explore ways to apply Systems Theory and Structural Family Therapy to other systems, including the corporate world. This will be an opportunity for you to look inward at your relational and communication blind spots in order to become more effective therapists, consultants and individuals

Creating a Vision within Your Organization 

Scot Allgood

Creating an organizational vision as a leader is an exciting but sometimes daunting project. This presentation will take the principles of strategic planning and apply them to non-profit or volunteer leaders. You will receive hands on experience in understanding how to systemically and systematically collect the data to create and evaluate a strategic plan.


Leadership's Best Teacher: Learning from Failure

Eli Karam

Failure. No one wants to talk about it, analyze it, admit to it, or address it. Let’s flip the script and openly discuss failures that we ALL have had as professionals in the marriage and family therapy field. This workshop synthesizes research and applications for overcoming failure, relevant for all emerging systemic therapist leaders, both in and outside of the therapy room. This presentation outlines constraints to both identifying and analyzing failure, before making commendations for action, as well as working to shift your mindset in a way that redefines failure away from its discreditable associations and view it instead as a critical first step in a journey of discovery and learning.

2:00 pm- 3:30 pm

Effective Team Leadership

Coming soon


Sliding vs Deciding: When Becoming a Leader is Decided for You

Heather Katasfiasz
Rikki Patton

This workshop will focus on how to navigate those pivotal moments in your career when, rather than making a choice to become a leader, you find yourself sliding into a leadership role without realizing it was something you wanted. Using a competency framework, this workshop will focus on the intrapersonal and interpersonal traits that can make you an effective leader – traits that you might not have known that you had but can now expand upon. Whether this role was decided for you or you chose it, you can master it.

How to Be a Leader and Build Successful Private Practice 

Eman Tadros
Michelle Cappetto

This presentation will demonstrate the necessary materials for a successful client centered practice: a business plan, office essential skills, proper practice management, marketing strategies, and the utilization effective of ethical practices. The exercises and discussions will help those wanting to expand their private practice business in the early stages of their career. This presentation will showcase systemic leadership principles and their applicability to private practice building.