Think Strategically and Act Decisively: How Good Managers Become Great Leaders

Growth happens when decisions happen. Growth stalls when they don’t. It really is that simple. Decisions are the most basic building blocks of growth and transformation. The more strategically and decisively leaders stack those blocks, the faster and more effectively their teams will adapt to disruptions, execute creative solutions, and optimize their resources.

Over the last 20 years, organizational psychologist and #1 best-selling author, Nick Tasler, has helped leaders around the globe unlock their transformational leadership potential…one decision at a time. Nick’s flagship program has been experienced as a keynote or an interactive workshop by tens of thousands of leaders from London to Lagos, Boston to Bangkok, and San Francisco to Santiago, including everyone from Fortune 500 executives and top-producing sales teams to healthcare providers and entrepreneurs. In this exciting experience, leaders up and down the organizational hierarchy will discover how to…

  • Make good decisions faster with an elegantly simple Know-Think-Do framework.
  • Bridge the gap between strategy & execution by making 3 crystal clear decisions.
  • Use a Decision Pulse to instantly align their teams for transformation.
  • Leverage an “Anti-You” to quickly and easily improve snap judgments and achieve cross-functional alignment.
  • Stay in a confident, creative, and decisive mindset all day, every day.
  • Identify and kill “important” projects that distract their teams from your most innovative solutions.
  • To use a Value-Variance Matrix to channel innovations that make your team truly unique to both your internal and external customers.



Nick Tasler

Nick Tasler is an internationally acclaimed thought leader, organizational psychologist and the #1 best-selling author of four counter-intuitive books on the art and science of making decisions and leading change. He is a Leadership Columnist for the Harvard Business Review, a guest lecturer at the Wharton School and his work has been featured by The New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, NPR, BBC, NBC, CBS and other leading media outlets around the world.

Nick’s original insights and dynamic style have benefited the world’s most respected organizations ranging from General Electric and JP Morgan Chase to Microsoft, Wells Fargo, the Royal Bank of Canada, and Yale University.

Nomadic by nature, Nick and his wife and their four kids live in…lots of places. Sometimes Minnesota. Sometimes Florida. Currently, Puerto Rico.


Lessons Learned from Intersectional Leaders: The Four Diamonds Model of Inclusive Leadership Groups 

Through the very nature of the diversity of thoughts and experiences they foster, Inclusive Leadership Groups can facilitate tremendous personal and professional leadership development. This presentation will provide attendees information both experientially and didactically, on a model of inclusive leadership lived and developed by four AAMFT fellows and leaders. Presenters will share their experiences as socioculturally diverse AAMFT leaders that led to the development of The Four Diamonds Model while also providing participants an opportunity to develop their own inclusive leadership group.


Michelle Karume, DMFT

Passionate about Marriage and Family Therapy Michelle runs a private practice, is a full-time faculty member at the United States International University-Africa and is currently the program Lead for the Ma MFT. With a background in Program Development; Michelle also develops Masters and Doctorate level MFT programs.


Vishwani Deepa Ram-Souza, LMFT

Vishwani (Deepa) Ram-Souza, LMFT serves the Hilo community in a co-owned private practice: Elemental Guidance, LLC.  She is currently completing her PhD at CIIS and hopes to introduce a new meta-paradigmatic model (inclusive of mind, body, and spirit) into contemporary Western mental-medical healthcare approaches.


John Souza, Jr, LMFT

Dr. John Souza, Jr. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). Dr. John specializes in working with young adults and their families.


Ulash Thakore-Dunlap, LMFT, PPSc

Ulash Thakore-Dunlap is full-time faculty, Associate Professor at Wright Institute MA Counseling Psychology Program, Berkeley. California. In addition, Ulash maintains a private practice in San Francisco supporting people of color and emerging leaders in the field of counseling, MFT and psychology.

Ready of Not, Here Z Comes
Meet Gen Z. they didn’t experience the typical childhood. The first generation of the 21st century came of age during the most disruptive decade of the last century. Our arrival marks the end of clearly defined roles and traditions. Gen Z is about to step into the limelight, and we are nothing like our millennial elders. Drawing from considerable and relevant research, John will share Gen Z’s unique traits, expectations, and values of life. Engaging content and interactive activities will be used to share these relevant insights.

Key takeaways:

  • Which driving factors have shaped Gen Z’s values and behaviors.
  • Strategies and best practice for recruiting Gen Z.
  • Most effective ways to engage Gen Z in the workplace.


Josh Miller

Josh Miller is a passionate and informed advocate for his generation—Generation Z. He launched his first business at 14, and now at 18 years old, he is already on his way to becoming a renowned thought leader. Among his many achievements, Josh is XYZ University’s Director of Gen Z Studies, an international keynote speaker, co-author of XYZ University’s research papers Ready or Not – Here Comes Z and Teaching Gen Z: Everything we wish schools knew about our generation and education, and he’s the host of The Gen Z Podcast.

In addition to his role at XYZ University, Josh is a senior in high school where he is the captain of his varsity tennis team. He is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.