Program Overview

Open to AAMFT members only. 

AAMFT is excited to announce the 2024 cohort of the Certificate of Leadership, an innovative program meticulously crafted to empower Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) at all professional stages. This program is a beacon for those aspiring to elevate their career trajectories and contribute to the flourishing field of marriage and family therapy.

Embark on a transformative journey, a first for MFTs, that intertwines rigorous training, educational enrichment, mentorship, and introspective exploration to offer an unparalleled leadership development experience. The curriculum is strategically designed to fortify both theoretical knowledge and practical leadership proficiencies.

The Certificate of Leadership encapsulates a comprehensive continuing education package, featuring interactive sessions at the Leadership Symposium (March 13 – 16, in Phoenix, AZ), a curated selection of on-demand courses, and an exclusive virtual Certificate of Leadership Day (July 2024).

This trailblazing program is tailored for:

  • MFTs aspiring to ascend to leadership roles within their professional spheres, communities, or within AAMFT.
  • MFTs keen on pivotal positions in advocacy or policy development.
  • Emerging MFTs seeking to construct a robust foundation in leadership to navigate and shape their career paths.

Program Highlights

  • Immersive In-Person Training: Delve into intensive sessions during the Leadership Symposium, immersing yourself in key areas of leadership development—bridging the gap between theory and practical application (March 13 – 16).
  • Interactive Virtual Training: Participate in a dynamic virtual event focused on refining leadership skills, providing insights, and fostering connections within the MFT community (July 2024).
  • Leadership Learning Labs: Engage in interactive discussions with industry leaders and fellow cohorts, creating a virtual space for collaborative learning and exchange of insights (three of the four learning labs need to be completed).
  • Customizable Online Training: Tailor your experience with additional courses available on-demand, providing flexibility to enhance your skills based on individual needs (six out of eight courses need to be completed).
  • Personalized DiSC Inventory: Receive an assessment to identify your leadership style, communication strengths, and opportunities for growth (summer 2024).
  • Mentorship Opportunities: Connect with a seasoned leader in the MFT field for personalized advisement and mentoring, offering guidance as you navigate your leadership journey.
  • Community Engagement Program: A hands-on, experiential learning opportunity designed to allow participants to apply leadership principles in a real-world context.

The Certificate of Leadership is more than a program; it is a catalyst for transformation, equipping MFTs with the acumen to lead with vision and impact. Join us in this groundbreaking initiative and step into the forefront of leadership within the marriage and family therapy profession. Don't miss your chance to elevate your leadership potential—apply now for the Certificate of Leadership and shape the future of Marriage and Family Therapy! For additional information on the CoL program, please click here.

Testimonials from past participants: 

"This experience led me to make several very deep connections to other leaders within this program I know will have a huge impact on this field. I am fortunate I got to meet them, work with them, and form truly wonderful friendships which would not have been possible had I not participated in this Leadership Program," Amanda Anderson, Certificate of Leadership graduate