Sensate Focus Mindful Touch: An Adjunct to Marital and Couples Therapy

When:  Jun 21, 2019 from 03:00 PM to 04:30 PM (ET)
Relationship therapists and others who work with couples acknowledge the importance of physical touch and sexual intimacy as foundational to satisfaction. Many of our clients report this as a primary goal in couple and sex therapy. While some couples are able to recapture lost physical affection and sexual interest on their own through traditional couples therapy as their relationship improves, sometimes more direction is needed. This workshop is designed to add a skillset to assist therapists in addressing couples' intimacy and sexuality difficulties through the addition of Sensate Focus touching experiences. These "at home" touching experiences, developed by Masters & Johnson form the foundation of sex therapy but Sensate Focus can be a useful technique to build emotional connection and trust even without the existence of a diagnosable sexual dysfunction.

The workshop will identify the conceptual underpinnings of Sensate Focus, its connection to mindfulness and somatic therapies and its integration with relational therapies such as EFT; describe in detail the general protocol for Sensate Focus touching; present modifications for a variety of common sexual difficulties; and illustrate modifications for diverse client populations. You'll get a chance to hear Linda giving the suggestions and processing client feedback, as well as her offering of interventions for commonly encountered problems clients may bring to the therapist. 

Linda Weiner, MSW, L.C.S.W wears many hats. As a therapist she specializes in working with individuals and couples with a range of relational and sexual concerns. As an educator, workshop presenter and supervisor, she brings together many of the same qualities of insight, experience, connection, respect and humor characteristic of her therapeutic work. In recent years she has published numerous articles, a book chapter and a book on the use of Sensate Focus techniques, a foundational technique in sex therapy developed at Masters & Johnson Institute where she worked for five years before beginning a private practice. She and Dr. Avery-Clark are the authors of Sensate Focus in Sex Therapy: The Illustrated Manual, the first publication to detail both the updated sensate focus strategies of Masters & Johnson and to add the contributions of other clinicians and researchers involving more diverse clients. Linda taught at Washington University in St Louis Brown School for many years and has been a guest on numerous podcasts and media outlets, including CNN.

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