Calls to Action

CT 2021 Legislative Session- COAMFTE Regulations
HB 6666 includes revisions to state legislative language, included that which concerns COAMFTE standards towards licensing. This bill proposes that the language be changed from 500 hours to "COAMFTE standards" to better allow student effected by both changes to COAMFTE standards due to COVID and potential future changes to COAMFTE standards to smoothly apply and gain licensure by graduating from our CTAMFT COAMFTE accredited schools. 

HB 6666 is currently at the appropriations committee. We are asking our members to reach out to their representatives and urge them to support HB 6666. It must pass the appropriations committee to stay alive and move towards next steps of passage. Members of the appropriations committee and their contact information is available on this spreadsheet. Please call or email today as they may be voting as early as Monday, May 10th, 2021. 

CT 2021 Legislative Session for Telehealth
The CT legislative session began in January. This session will address issues including telehealth. We need your help to make sure MFT voices are heard and that legislators understand the importance of ongoing tele-mentalhealth accessibility as well as payment parity. CTAMFT is calling on all members to submit testimony to support efforts in this session. This is our chance to highlight the benefits of payment parity for clinicians as well as creating ongoing access for clients to received telementalhealth services. Current bills in action (to be updated as the session continues):

Telehealth Bill Passes House and Senate!
It is now off to the Governor's office for support and to be singed into law. This allows telehealth provisions to be extended through 2023. Benefits include:
- Provider choice of HIPAA compliant platform
- Provider ability to use audio-only platform
- Payment parity for telehealth services