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Here’s your opportunity to shape the future of our Network by nominating individuals for our open leadership positions. You can nominate for as many positions as you wish, as well as self-nominate if you are interested in leadership. Terms of office will begin January 2023. Nominations will close May 30th, 2022.

The vibrancy of our Network is dependent upon strong and engaged volunteer leaders. We encourage you to selectively consider members that you believe will work diligently in helping to advance our profession and strengthen our future.

The Alabama Association for Marriage & Family Therapy seeks out the following qualifications in nominees, terms of office to begin January 2023.


Chair Elect duties – Performing all duties of Chair for leadership meetings when the Chair is unavailable or unable to perform them, consistent with Roberts Rules of Order. (Term of two-years) (ONE) position to be filled.

This position rolls over into the Chair position which is an additional term of two-years - See info below.

(Chair duties – Ensure the network fulfills obligations, presides over meetings, ensure integrity of Robert’s Rules, maintain integrity of Network, and generally to ensure that the leadership and Network behaves consistently with its own rules and those legitimately imposed upon it from outside the organization.

The Chair will ensure that meeting discussion and deliberation will be fair, open, and thorough, but also efficient, timely, orderly, and kept to the point.

Although the Chair is permitted to vote on all matters, exercising this option should be on a very limited basis or in the event of a tie. The Chair is to facilitate discussion and not use the position to advocate for a particular position outside of that of the Leadership Team. The Leadership Team speaks with “one voice.”)


Secretary duties- Maintain records and meeting minutes and ensure all paperwork is submitted for the Network.(Term of two-years) (ONE) position to be filled.

The maximum length of tenure on the Network Leadership Team is six consecutive years. Members are eligible for another Leadership Team position (Chair, Chair – Elect, Secretary, Treasurer) after a three-year absence.

Current Component Evaluation Committee and AAMFT Board members are ineligible to serve on the Leadership Team of an Interest Network.

In keeping with AAMFT’s commitment to diversity, we are particularly interested in nominees that reflect diversity of education, training, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, religion, physical ability, cultural background, employment, and/or professional settings.

To submit a nomination please fill out the Google Form HERE. If you are interested in serving in other capacities we encourage you to fill out your interests HERE.

ALAMFT End of the Year Report + 2022 Plan

ALAMFT 2021 Report

The ALAMFT Board/Leadership Team met 10 times in 2021.

  • ALAMFT’s Leadership Team transitioned to fully virtual meetings. This assisted with more frequent and effective communication.
  • ALAMFT’s Leadership Team began to utilize the GroupMe app to facilitate better communication on small and/or urgent tasks.
  • Click here to see our 2021 ALAMFT Leadership Team: Leadership Team - AAMFT Alabama




  • ALAMFT successfully hosted its first virtual conference, offering 13 CEUs to MFTs in our state. This bolstered our confidence in our ability to use this modality in the future.
    • Attendance numbers and revenue made was consistent with previous in person events.
    • Fees were discounted for current ALAMFT members to attend the conference.


  • ALAMFT began meeting with AAMFT’s legal team on new advocacy efforts in our state.
    • November 2020, ALAMFT sent a written request to Alabama Medicaid to update their policies based on the new Diagnose and Treat Legislation.
    • In February 2021, ALAMFT received a denial to this request.
    • In March, ALAMFT began meeting with AAMFT. AAMFT hired a lobbyist on ALAMFT’s behalf.
    • In May, ALAMFT, AAMFT, and our lobbyist, Kim Adams met with Medicaid. After, ALAMFT provided Medicaid with information that was requested during the meeting.
    • In November, ALAMFT and AAMFT sent another letter to Medicaid to follow up on the May 20th
      • We are currently trying to schedule a new meeting or plan for 2022.
    • November 17th, ALAMFT applied for AAMFT’s 2022 Foundational Funding to continue our efforts with Medicaid. ALAMFT will continue our efforts, along with AAMFT’s legal team help regardless of their financial support.


  • ALAMFT’s Administrator began attending ABEMFT’s board meetings. The goal of her attendance is to foster better communication between both boards for the betterment of Alabama MFTs.


  • ALAMFT successfully submitted Treasurer nominations to AAMFT.
    • ALAMFT nominated Sarah Bradley and Gabrielle Williams to this position.
    • Glenn Hollingsworth was the alternate.


  • ALAMFT’s Administrator, Starr Culpepper agreed to a new 12-month contract.
    • This contract aimed to develop a more effective relationship with our administrator, allowing us to maximize her skills and time for our organization.
    • ALAMFT increased her pay for the first time, by 3%.


  • ALAMFT held elections for our 2022-2023 Treasurer Board position.
    • ALAMFT members selected Sarah Bradley for this position.
    • 28% of our membership participated in this election.


  • ALAMFT finalized plans for the 2022 ALAMFT Annual Conference.
    • Contracts were signed with four speakers and an event application was sent to AAMFT.
    • An application must be sent in to AAMFT at least 90 days prior to any event.


  • ALAMFT worked to submit three extensive reports to keep ALAMFT running for another year. The board completed a report on how our organization performed in 2021, a plan of our intentions for 2022, as well as a financial budget for 2022.
  • November 17th, ALAMFT submitted the 2022 Foundational Funding application to AAMFT.
  • AAMFT approved ALAMFT’s event application and on November 30th, ALAMFT opened registration for our 2022 ALAMFT Annual Conference.


Other things to report:


  • For 2021, we anticipated having 130 members, 12 of which would be students.
  • Currently we have 130 members, 13 of which are students.

Many MFT associations in the country have had difficulty engaging members to serve as leaders in their state. AAMFT is heavily encouraging Geographic Interest Networks to focus on building a leadership pipeline to keep ALAMFT running.

  • In March, ALAMFT sponsored 6 ALAMFT members to attend the Leadership Symposium and enrolled their Board Chair, in the Leadership Certificate Program.


ALAMFT has begun efforts to improve our website.

  • In November, ALAMFT sent out a request to members to update their personal information on AAMFT’s website. To help incentivize this request, one member, Brian Gillis was sponsored to attend AAMFT’s Systemic Family Therapy Conference, and 10 other members were awarded $10 gift cards.
  • ALAMFT began a tab on the website entitled, “Spotlight a Clinician.” This will be an opportunity for the organization to highlight the work and education of one randomly chosen member.
  • Our website has a link to our unofficial facebook group. Feel free to join by clicking here:


Plan for 2022:

  • ALAMFT aims to maintain current membership fees and membership numbers.
    • We have several new efforts planned to increase the value of membership, which could also increase membership numbers.


  • ALAMFT will hold an in person ALAMFT Annual conference in February 2022.
    • The conference’s theme is “Professional Development.”
    • This conference will offer workshops from four speakers and will give full conference attendees, 13 CEUs with an emphasis on ethics.
    • Discounts will be given to current ALAMFT members.
    • Click here to see our event information: 2022 ALAMFT Annual Conference - AAMFT Alabama


  • ALAMFT plans to continue our current work with AAMFT Advocacy, particularly on the items of Medicaid and Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) Insurance Reimbursement of MFTs. We are fighting to implement our licensure law with Alabama insurance agencies and to be recognized as equivalent to LPC/LICSW license in the areas of diagnose and treat.


  • ALAMFT plans to continue efforts to improve our website to provide members more seamless communication of news and information.
    • The “Spotlight a Clinician” webpage will be continued in 2022. Interviewees will then interview the next chosen member. This will help with networking and communication efforts within ALAMFT.


  • ALAMFT will work to keep those who expressed interest in leadership engaged through sponsorships of conferences and the leadership symposium.
    • ALAMFT’s board will continue having our Chair and Chair-Elect complete the AAMFT Leadership Certification to better strengthen the leadership in Alabama.
    • We plan to hold a zoom meeting for members interested in leadership to answer questions about opportunities of leadership in our state.


  • We plan to hold a leadership retreat in January 2022. At this leadership retreat, we will brainstorm and implement ideas for improving our organization. We plan to clearly outline expectations of the roles in our leadership team and educate our leadership team on AAMFT’s website. We will outline a calendar, setting dates for leadership team meetings and deadlines for the year at this retreat. Lastly, we plan to connect with our administrator, understand her role in our organization and discuss best practices for communication between the team and administrator.


  • ALAMFT’s Leadership Team has prioritized representation of diversity in our upcoming CE opportunities by securing contracts with speakers for our 2022 conference that exemplify, topically and demographically, diversity and inclusivity. ALAMFT will continue to work on awareness, acknowledgement, and assessment of how to make space for diversity, inclusion, and equity within our work-groups. We will continue to seek out members who represent diverse backgrounds for ALAMFT and ABEMFT boards and leadership pipelines.
    • 2022 will mark the first year that our ALAMFT Leadership Team will be composed of all women. While we are proud of this fact, we pledge to intentionally encourage and empower persons of color and diverse backgrounds to our leadership team.
    • 2021 marked our first filled Family Team Leader position, also a woman. We plan to cultivate this relationship in 2022.

ALAMFT Leadership 2022

Welcoming and congratulating, Sarah Joy Bradley (Treasurer) on her election to the ALAMFT Leadership Team starting January 2022. Thank you for your willingness to serve and we look forward to working with you!

Let's Celebrate our Successes!

Have you or a fellow MFT colleague had a recent success you would like to share?  Have you published an article? Received a new certification?  Been promoted?  We want to be sure that your fellow MFTs know of all the great ways we are positively impacting our state and our profession.  Please send the information, with permission from the person if sending on behalf of someone else, to and we will share it with the next email blast we send out!

Medicaid Enrollment

REMINDER!!  Effective April 1, 2019, LMFTs must be individually enrolled Medicaid providers and file claims using their own NPI number.  Claims using a psychologists' NPI number with a U7 modifier will be denied after this date.   Please click on the link below for more information about the enrollment process.

LMFT Medicaid Enrollment

Check out our Communities!

Communities offer a place to post questions and have a discussion with other members.  The discussion threads can provide great opportunities to network and access resources from other members.  All ALAMFT members have access to the ALAMFT Members community.  We also have two closed groups, one for students/associates and one for supervisors.  If you would like to be a part of the student/associate or supervisors community, please email and we can verify your status and add you to the community.  

Legislative Victory! 

Alabama MFT's lobbied for legislative changes to strengthen our license law and in March 2018 the law passed successfully through the Alabama legislature!  This victory took considerable effort from many people, including Alabama MFT's, our lobbyist, and staff from AAMFT.   Thank you to all who helped us in this multi-year endeavor.  A copy of the final bill is included below.

Alabama Final Bill

Family Team: AAMFTs Advocacy Network

Family Team

AAMFT encourages ALAMFT members to join the Family TEAM (Family Therapist Education and Advocacy Movement) to keep current on the cutting edge legislative and advocacy developments at both the federal and state levels.

The Family TEAM is a network of advocates (including some of your colleagues in Alabama) willing to volunteer some time and energy towards furthering MFT policy interests. With all the competing health care legislation interest out there, it is imperative that our Family TEAM is vibrant and active. The more advocates, the more effective we can be.

Joining the TEAM is simple and there’s no fee involved, just your interest and willingness to speak up, write a letter or make a phone call to federal and state legislators when asked, and become a voice for MFT.