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WAMFT is represented before the legislature, state agencies, and the Governor’s office by lobbyist Amber D. Lewis. With more than 16 years of experience in Olympia, both as staff and as a lobbyist, Amber ensures WAMFT members have an advocate on the ground that monitors issues and shares our positions on key policy matters. Amber works with members to meet with their local elected officials and ensures the Board is versed on matters that affect our professional licensure. Lewis Consulting is based out of Olympia where Amber is always available to assist our members.

Calls to Action

Dear WAMFT Members,

A new proposed regulation from the Washington Health Care Authority/ Washington Apple Health would include MFTs as providers who can make or confirm a diagnosis of gender dysphoria as a qualified health provider for gender dysphoria treatment.
This would enable MFTs to provide diagnosis and therapy under Medicaid coverage to help trans people meet the pre-surgical requirements for gender confirmation.
WAMFT is excited about and supportive of this extension of our scope of practice - we hope you are as well! 
Below is the link to the original notice for the proposal:
Below is the link to AAMFT’s stance on gender identity and ways we can be supportive:
We want to encourage you to actively reach out to representatives with your thoughts. The contact for the proposed regulation is Wendy Barcus (
Written comments can be submitted to her email address until 5:00pm PST on June 27, 2017

The template below may be used if you find it helpful:
Dear Ms. Barcus:

This is regarding proposal WSR 17-11-140, which addresses mental health providers who are able to offer diagnosis and therapy under Medicaid for gender dysphoria.  As a professional offering mental health services in the state of Washington, I am hopeful about inclusion of licensed Marriage and Family Therapists as approved providers for this type of work, since it falls within our training and scope of practice. The expansion of the list of approved providers will benefit trans individuals and their partners and families as it will allow for more practitioners to provide supportive care. 

I ask that you support WSR 17-11-140 and its inclusion of Marriage and Family Therapists as providers for diagnosis and therapy under Medicaid for those with gender dysphoria. 

Thank you.