Trainings/Special Meetings

Throughout AAMFT17, additional trainings are available for MFTs interested in furthering their involvement in the profession through additional roles. Additional registration may be required. regbutton.png

  • COAMFTE Accreditation Workshop (Thursday, October 5; 8:30 – 3:30 p.m.)

    $249 per person. Late registration fee (after July 31) - $289 per person

    The in-person training on COAMFTE Accreditation Standards Version 12 is designed to be both informative and interactive and will address:

    • Accreditation Standards Version 12
    • How to prepare an Eligibility Criteria submission
    • Guidelines to prepare a Self-Study document
    • Interpretations directly from Commissioners
    • Peer networking with program directors and faculty


    Programs seeking initial accreditation are required to attend the in-person workshop prior to submitting their Eligibility Criteria document. Programs submitting renewal of accreditation are highly recommended to attend this once-a-year opportunity. To find out more about the Annual Accreditation Workshop or for easy registration, please visit

  • Inclusivity Training: "Include" is a Verb: Moving from Talk to Action (Thursday, October 5, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.): $25

Diversity and inclusion initiatives often focus on diversity, at the expense of achieving real inclusion. In this highly interactive session, we'll explore what inclusion is, what the barriers are to full inclusion, and how each of us can work to overcome those barriers. We'll look at what it takes to recognize and overcome unconscious bias, how stereotypes and expectations affect our interactions, how to be an ally and an active bystander, and what leaders can do to change workplace culture in the direction of greater inclusion. Earn 2 hours of continuing education credit. 


    COAMFTE Site Visitor Training (Friday, October 6; 7:30 – 10:30 a.m): FREE

    Join the select group of volunteers and become a COAMFTE Site Visitor! Being a Site Visitor allows you the opportunity to:

    • Contribute to the MFT profession
    • Ensure quality instruction for students in MFT programs
    • Serve as the “eyes and ears” of the Commission
    • Gain first-hand knowledge of how peer MFT programs operate
    • Travel across North America and network with other MFTs


    The Site Visitor Training is for academicians and practitioners interested in conducting COAMFTE accreditation site visits.  Approval of credentials and completion of at-home training are required prior to attending this workshop. Active Site Visitors can attend as a refresher course for training specific to Standards Version 12. Please contact accreditation staff at or visit the for more information.

  • AAMFT Division Leaders (Thursday, October 5; 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.): This session will be dedicated to business planning for AAMFT's programming for the future. A full agenda will be provided pending the outcome of the 2017 bylaws vote (late August 2017).

  • Family TEAM Meeting (Saturday, October 7; 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.), FREE: The Family Therapy Education and Advocacy Movement, or Family TEAM, is a grassroots network of volunteers advancing pro-MFT policies on the local, state, provincial, and national level. Join us to learn about MFTs in Medicare, 2017, legislative trends and what to expect in 2018, state and provincial AAMFT advocacy efforts, and Family TEAM and Network advocacy structure. This meeting is open to all members interested in advocacy. No experience required!

  • Supervision Track (throughout the Conference): Offered throughout the conference, this track is designed to fulfill the 15-hour interactive component of the Fundamentals of Supervision course. Check out the Supervision Track schedule and select the Supervision Track option during registration to attend.

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