Research Discussion

Research Discussions are the place to gather and discuss the latest in marriage and family therapy research. A full listing of research studies featured at each session is available in the day by day schedule provided here. regbutton.png
  • Session 1: Thursday 7:15 – 8:15 p.m.
  • Session 2: Friday 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
  • Session 3: Saturday 7:15 – 8:15 a.m.
  • Session 4: Saturday 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.


Research Discussion Session 1

Thursday, 7:15 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. 

Research Selections:

  • The Impact of Chronic Illness on Well-being in Couples (Megan Story, Valerie Handley)
  • Examining Relatedness and Alcohol Use Among Older Latinos (Rikki Patton, Amber Ray)
  • Chaotic-enmeshment, Flexibility, Self-compassion, and Anxiety (Blake Berryhill, Jessica Shafer, Kayla Lloyd)
  • Sweating the Stress: Analysis of the Use of Exercise in Psychotherapy (Bryn Chafin, Jenny Mead Reed)
  • Advocacy Behaviors Amongst Parents of Children with Down Syndrome (Jessica Cless, Briana Nelson Goff)
  • Foster Caregiver-Youth Relationships and Mental Health (Allison Rayburn, Mathew Withers, Lenore McWey)
  • The Parent-Child Dynamics of Bariatric Surgery Patients (Keeley Pratt, Megan Ferriby)
  • Changes in Relationship Quality among Bariatric Patients (Megan Ferriby, Keeley Pratt)
  • Family Functioning in Pediatric Primary Care (Catherine Van Fossen, Keeley Pratt)
  • Families' Voices: Systems of Care in the Monadnock Region (Karmen Smith, Janet Robertson, Maxine Notice, Seon Kim, Neil Binette, Lucy Byno)
  • Interracial Couples, Social Network and Relationship Dissolution (Denzel Jones, Eric Goodcase, Barrett Scroggs, Austin Beck, Yanqun Peng)
  • The Development of the Attachment Based Alliance Scale (Jennifer Espino, Lee Johnson, Scott Ketring, Samantha Simpson, Emily Stephens)
  • Examining the Effects of Relationships on Chronic Pain Experiences (Tara Signs, Sarah Woods)
  • Humility and Emerging Adult Romantic Relationships (Chance Bell)
  • Attachment Behaviors Discrepancies Amongst Clinical Couples (Jonathan Sandberg, Josh Novak, Cameron Hee)
  • Technology Mediated Communication in Online Daters' Relationships (Eric Goodcase, Denzel Jones, Michelle Busk, Barrett Scroggs)
  • Couple Support Processes: Implications for Therapists (E. Megan Lachmar, Ryan Seedall)
  • Fathers' Experience of Postpartum Depression (Brandon Eddy, Von Poll, Jason Whiting)
  • Core Components of Parental-Growth: Mothers’ Perspectives (Sebastian Perumbilly, Alyssa Battipaglia, Vasiliki Papastefanidou)
  • Self-Control, Burnout, & Sleep Disturbance: A Dyadic Account (Gregory Seibert, Ashley Cooper, Morgan Lancaster, Matthew Jaurequi, Ross May, Frank Fincham)
  • Differentiation of Self: Moderator for Satisfaction and Depression (Suzanne Bartle-Haring, Megan Ferriby)
  • A Formative Evaluation of a Smartphone Application for Couples: The Affectionate Gesture Planner (Patrick Bortz)
  • Sexual Dysfunction to Sexual Satisfaction: Role of Differentiation (Matthew Stanfield, Aimee Hubbard, John Iglesias, Jared Anderson, Prerana Dharnidharka, Nathan Hardy)
  • The Moderating Effect of Attachment Behaviors in Couples (Cameron Hee, Jonathan Sandberg)
  • Partner Abuse via Technology: The Role of Attachment (Morgan Lancaster, Ashley Cooper, Gregory Seibert, Ross May, Frank Fincham)
  • Partner Support: A New Self-Report Measure for Couples (E. Megan Lachmar, Ryan Seedall)
  • Personality, Adversity, and Relational Aggression (Jessica Cless)

Research Discussion Session 2

Friday, 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Research Selections:

  • Cultural Adaptations in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (Robert Allan, Shruti Poulsen, Qiana Flores, Caitlin Edwards)
  • Parent-Adolescent Interaction: Therapeutic Implications (Nicole Kirby, Ryan Seedall)
  • Couple Support, Couple Conflict, and Discounting Delayed Rewards (Ryan Seedall, Brandi Poulsen)
  • Differentiation, Gridlock, and Relationship Outcomes (Nathan Hardy, Jared Anderson, Prerana Dharnidharka)
  • A Brief Intervention for Couples Transitioning to Parenthood (Erica Rouleau, Adam Farero, Timothy Welch, E. Megan Lachmar, Andrea Wittenborn)
  • Resiliency Factors for Black/White Interracial Couples (Zenova Williams)
  • Facilitating Therapeutic Change Moments Using Enactments (Melanie Hansen, Krystal Cox, Ryan Seedall, Mark Butler)
  • Dual Trauma Couples: An Exploration into Trauma Informed Care (Jacqueline Braughton)
  • Attachment as a Moderator of Psychophysiology during Conflict (Adam Jones, Ryan Seedall, Dave Robinson, Von Poll)
  • Contextual View on Parental Infidelity and RES in Adult Children (Codruta Kawar, Rashmi Gangamma, Jennifer Coppola)
  • Therapeutic Alliance: After Session Feedback (Suzanne Bartle-Haring)
  • Talking about Weight?: Parents’ Attachment, Dieting, and BMI (Andrew Brimhall, Katharine Didericksen)
  • Profiles of Parent-Adolescent Relationship Quality (Mathew Withers)
  • Culturally Responsive Practice: The Use of Cultural Brokers by MFTs (Charity Somo, Leslie Anderson, Ashley Walsdorf, Desiree Seponski)
  • Using Research for Advocacy: A Study of Homeless Families (Elsie Lobo, Brian Distelberg)
  • Implementation of ABFT for Suicidal Youth in Community Settings (Breesha Comish, Jody Russon, Guy Diamond)
  • Predicting Alliance for Depressed and Suicidal Adolescents: The Role of Perceived Attachment to Mothers (Maliha Ibrahim, Bora Jin, Jody Russon, Guy Diamond)
  • The Neurobiology Underlying Treatments for Depression (Yile Su, Joyce Baptist)
  • Can Family Cohesion Moderate Acculturative Stress and Depression? (Jingshuai Du, Yile Su)
  • Longitudinal Association of Video Gaming and Depression (Neli Morris, Kristy Soloski)
  • Parent-Child Relationships and Adolescent Depression (Ryan Seedall, Melanie Hansen, Nicole Kirby)
  • Family Cohesion, Communication, Anxiety, and Depression (Blake Berryhill, Kayla Lloyd, Jessica Shafer)
  • Attachment Mediation Effects on Depressive Symptoms and Diagnosis (Rachael Dansby, Natali Gonzalez, Kristy Soloski, Nick Hayes)
  • Relation Between Children’s Self-Efficacy and Depressive Symptoms (Preston Morgan, Glade Topham, Jared Durtschi, Amanda Harrist, Laura Hubbs Tait, Taren Swindle)
  • Couple-Based Treatment of Postpartum Depression: A Review (Juliet Tietjen, Ryan Seedall, Ashley Fischer)
  • Risk & Protective Factors of Black Fathers in Mental Health Services (Joslyn Armstrong, Gregory Harris, Shar'Dane Harris)
  • Helping Families Navigate the Ambiguity of Intellectual Disability (Natalie Richardson, Kami Gallus, Jennifer Jones)
  • Resiliency Factors for Hispanic Parents (Stephanie Hardcastle, David Nalbone, Francisco Limon, Joseph Wetchler)

Research Discussion Session 3

Saturday, 7:15 – 8:15 a.m.

Research Selections:

  • East West Connection: Biculturalism and East Asian American Youth (Christopher Cheung)
  • Inclusivity of LGBT Couples in Relationship Programs (Allison Bozovsky)
  • S. Ethnic Groups in Marriage and Family Therapy: A Content Analysis (Jared Hawkins, Kate Handy, Lauren Smithee, Roy Bean)
  • Incarceration & Mental Health Amongst African American Parents (Anike R. Adekoya)
  • Mental Health Disparities: A Brief, Normative Feedback Intervention (Jesslyn Ingram, Silvia Gisela Leija, Anike Adekoya, Heather Lofton, Lauren Szczygiel, Andrea Wittenborn)
  • Is Immigration Stress Sufficiently Addressed in EBTs for Latino/as? (Gabriela Lopez-Zeron, J. Ruben Parra-Cardona)
  • Acculturation and Hispanic Immigrants’ Parenting (Natali Gonzalez, Joanna Mendez-Pounds)
  • Mental Health Scholars using Evidence Based Treatments with Latinos (Daniel Cooper, Elizabeth Wieling)
  • Reducing the Effects of Four Types of Stigma in the Muslim Community (Heather Laird)
  • A Needs Assessment of Liberian Immigrant and Refugee Families (Lekie Dwanyen, Elizabeth Wieling)
  • Struggles and Opportunities: Life Experiences of Muslim Families (Afshana Haque, Emily Kahumoku-Fessler, Matthew Brown)
  • Racial-Ethnic Activities in Transracially Adoptive Families (Jordan Montgomery, Ebony Iheanacho-Dike, Jasmine Ferrill)
  • Relationships & Identity in Sexual Minority Foster Youth (Erica Hartwell, Jordan Montgomery, Patrice Comey)
  • Innovative Methods to Identify the Proportion of Preventable Divorce (Jared Durtschi, Heather Love, Cameron Brown, Austin Beck, Preston Morgan)
  • “What Are We?” A Critical Review of Separation Research (Sarah A. Crabtree, Steven M. Harris)
  • Interrupting Transmission of Domestic Violence (Emel Genc, Jared Durtschi, Yile Su)
  • The Contextual Role of Depression within Partner Violence (Cameron Brown, Patricia Barros-Gomes, Erika Smith-Marek, Bryan Cafferky, Sandra Stith)
  • Family Therapists’ Response to Violence Against Women in Iran (Fatemeh Nikparvar, Sandra Stith, Moshen Dehghani)
  • Becoming Diagnostically Aware: Eating Disorders (Katherine Vaughan, Jody Russon, Guy Diamond)
  • Nationwide Assessment of the Refugee Resettlement Infrastructure (Damir Utrzan)
  • Breast cancer and the systemic implications of women's diagnosis (Tatiana Melendez-Rhodes)
  • Protective Factors in Couple Communication through Cancer (Sarah Naylor, Kaity Young, Douglas McPhee, Dave Robinson)
  • Meta-Analysis of Mental Health Risk Markers for Elder Abuse (Annie Johansson, Jacob Kurily, Jennifer Torres, Krystin Macias, Bryan Cafferky)
  • The Process of Parenting Through Disability: A Qualitative Synthesis (Sarah Wolford)
  • The Emotional Process of Mothers in PMTO: A Qualitative Study (Sarah Wolford, Kendal Holtrop)
  • Family of Origin Factors Predicting Relationship Education Success (Eric Goodcase)
  • Suicidal Ideation and the Termination of Romantic Relationships (Heather Love, David Nalbone, Lorna Hecker)
  • Integrating Family Therapy in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (Teresa Grella-Hillebrand, Simona Noaghiul Yland)


Research Discussions Session 4

Saturday, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.


Research Selections:

  • Adolescent School-based Experiences and Adult Substance Use (Chelsey Torgerson, Amber Vennum)
  • Results of a School-based MFT Intervention with At-Risk Youth (Daniel Mendel, Anne Rambo)
  • Using IFS to Treat PTSD in Combat Veterans (Rebecca Lucero, Adam Jones)
  • The Role of Family and Community in Adaptation of Refugees (Tanya Elez)
  • Effects of Environmental Risk Factors on Mexican Youth’s PTSD Scores (Daniel Cooper, Diego Garcia Huidobro, Oriana Diaspro Higuera, Kara Erolin, Elizabeth Wieling)
  • Buffering Combat: Important Relationships and Mental Health (Kayla Reed, Mallory Lucier-Greer)
  • Emerging Issues in LGB Affirmative Training: Faculty Beliefs (Christi McGeorge, Tom Carlson, Candice Maier)
  • Indicators of LGB Affirmative Training: A Survey CFT Faculty (Jared Kellerman, Christi McGeorge, Tom Carlson)
  • A Call for a Ban on Conversion therapy (Casey Gamboni, Dumayi Gutierrez, Heather Morgan-Miller)
  • Sexual Minorities’ Identity Development and Binge Drinking (Kristy Soloski, Cayla Minaiy, John Purcell, Porter Macey, Sara Smock Jordan)
  • Phenomenology of Transgender Volunteers Experiences on a Crisisline (David Bowers)
  • Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Latinos (Dumayi Gutierrez, Casey Gamboni)
  • Christian Women’s Revelations from the Church Closet (Katelyn Coburn, Jennifer Lambert-Shute, Ellory Bishop, Hoa Nguyen, Tabitha McCoy, LAMFT, Paul Peterson)
  • Adult Systemic Attachment Outcomes of Children with Same Sex Parents (Dumayi Gutierrez, Casey Gamboni)
  • ABFT versus FE-NST for Depressed LGBQ Youth: Outcomes from a RCT (Jody Russon, Maliha Ibrahim, Guy Diamond)
  • Black Fathering & Risky Sexual Behaviors: A Research Synthesis (Joslyn Armstrong)
  • Sexual Communication on Objective and Subjective Couple Outcomes (Adam Jones, Dave Robinson, Ryan Seedall, Kay Bradford)
  • Pornography Use as an Addiction: Perceptions and Outcomes (Alex Theobald, Nathan Leonhardt, Ryan Seedall, Bonnie Petersen)
  • Perceptions of Orgasm in Committed Couple Relationships (Adam Jones, Douglas McPhee, Dave Robinson, Samantha Simpson)
  • Foreign-born Army Personnel and Mental Health Outcomes (Florence Lewis, Angela Lamson)
  • Trajectories of Adolescents in Foster Care (Allison Rayburn, Lenore McWey, Ming Cui)
  • Physical Disabilities and Elder Abuse: A Meta-Analysis (Jennifer Torres, Lisa Nadalet, Michael Nicholas, Krystin Macias, Brayn Cafferky)
  • Help-seeking for online vs. in-person teen dating violence (Michael Pennington, Rick Dawson, Jennifer Davis, Amber Ray, Elizabeth Molla, Rikki Patton)
  • Sexual Assault: Victim Blaming and Bystander Blaming Attitudes (Austin Beck, Chelsea Spencer, Emel Genc, Denzel Jones, Sandra Stith)
  • The Demand Withdraw Pattern of Communication Among Couples in Therapy (Cara Nebeker-Adams, Richard Miller, Szu-Yu Lin)
  • Military and Veteran Competencies for Couples and Families (Meghan Lacks, Angela Lamson)
  • Model of Military Spouses’ Experiences & How MFTs Can Help (Amanda Szarzynski, Kelly Kennedy, Christine Dumouchel, Andrea Cooke)